Sunday, June 28, 2020

New car paint surface will often have problems, self-care should be timely

The body is like a human face, and it is comfortable to be bright and beautiful. If you have freckles, your face will look bad, and the body will be the same. A little rust, like freckles, is unpleasant. Many car owners believe that only old cars will be corroded, and new cars within a year or two will not have this problem. This is a wrong concept, because if you want to make sure that the car is absolutely scratch-free, the car wash should be thoroughly dried every time. It does not drive in rainy days. There is a garage for parking. This is difficult to guarantee in our current car environment.

View: Where is "Freckle" hidden?

The most annoying thing about the appearance of the body is corrosion, which is mainly caused by the direct contact of the sheet metal with the outside world. In addition to common causes, collisions, scratches, and rusting no matter how long it rusts, there is also a situation where the collision of small stones bounced up by the tires of the front car during driving will cause the paint surface to peel off one by one. Small spots, producing small rust spots. Such small traces are often overlooked by people, and the body, hood and body of the car should be inspected regularly on a regular basis.

In addition, where the body is prone to water accumulation, such as the inner and outer edges of the wheel arc, the bottom of the door and trunk, and corners, etc., after a long time, it is also prone to corrosion. If the drain on the lower edge of the door is blocked or not smooth, the water that has infiltrated during rain or car wash has accumulated inside the door for a long time. After a period of time, it will start to rust from the inside out, and it will be difficult to deal with when it is found. .

Therefore, it is an important task that can not be ignored in daily maintenance to keep the drain holes of the door and the body of the car unblocked. The keyholes of the car door, the surrounding of the glass strip and the movable parts of the wiper holder are also susceptible to rust, so be sure to pay attention to them from time to time.

Handling: Do it yourself

How to deal with small scratches and rust? Remember, don't ignore it. The do-it-yourself method is simple.

If the rust is not very serious, first use very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to gently rub off the rust spots, completely wipe it off, and apply a layer of primer to ensure that the rust will not expand and increase. For new scratches, apply primer directly after wiping. Normal vehicles are equipped with a small can of original paint. Although this kind of treatment is not good-looking, it is not a big deal in a small place.

You can also buy a touch-up pen in advance. After the applied primer is dry, smooth it with water sandpaper, and then use the touch-up pen for coloring. Remember, the primer has the effect of preventing rust and increasing the adhesion of the surface paint. Don't be lazy, apply it directly with a make-up paint pen. This method can be used for small scratches or unobvious parts, and the damaged parts can be modified by themselves.

If you really want to be lazy, you can also use toothpaste. Put a tube of ordinary toothpaste on the car, and found a small new scratch, then apply a little bit. After raining or washing the car, don’t forget to reapply it, it can simply isolate it, no problem in the short term. This is just a simple way to deal with it, and eventually you have to go to the beauty shop to completely remove it. If you want to save both trouble and money, you can wait for similar damages on the car body to be concentrated and repaired.

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