Saturday, June 27, 2020

New car chassis protection can not be ignored, experts teach you how to maintain

The so-called chassis armor is not to cover the car chassis with iron armor, but to spray special elastic colloidal materials on the chassis surface to resist external erosion.

       There are many cars that look glamorous on the outside, and the chassis is already rusted and full of holes. This is mainly due to the following reasons: baking on the summer surface, the invasion of rain on weekdays, and moisture and salt in the atmosphere will erode the bottom of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to age early. Various kinds of sand and gravel on the road constantly hit the chassis and wheel hub of the car, so that the inherent anti-rust paint and galvanized layer on the chassis will be destroyed soon, leaving the metal exposed, resulting in oxidation and rust after contact with moisture .

       The car chassis ensures the safety of the vehicle and the owner. Once rusting and corrosion, the overall structure is often easy to loosen, which brings hidden safety hazards. Many traffic accidents are caused by loose chassis. Therefore, it is essential to prevent the new car from becoming a chassis armor.

       What about the construction process of the chassis armor? With this question, the author came to the installation site specifically to elaborate for the owners.

       First, the construction personnel lifted the vehicle to about 1.3 meters with a lift, and removed the four wheels, mudguards, and brake pads. Then continue to raise the vehicle to the height of one person and thoroughly clean the bottom of the vehicle. Then blow it dry, wrap the non-sprayed parts, and finally spray repeatedly. After it is dry, install the tires and complete the four-wheel positioning to complete the whole process of chassis armor.

       Expert reminds: because the chassis armor is a construction project with very high professional requirements, not only a professionally qualified construction technician is required, but also professional construction tools are indispensable for completing the construction and its construction quality. Any mistake in the construction process will cause It directly affects the effect, and its consequences will directly endanger driving safety and the life safety of the owner. Therefore, it is very important to choose a car service store that has a certain size, ability and is authorized by the product designator to provide standardized services.

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