Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mothers who give birth to boys are more likely to be depressed? Family members should remember these methods of remission

Postpartum depression has always plagued many women. The specific symptoms are nervousness, guilt, fear, etc., and some severely ill women also have the idea of ​​despair, suicide, or harming their own flesh and blood. There are many reasons for this disease: family, lack of sleep time, endocrine disorders, etc. can cause postpartum depression. Although men and women are now equal, scientists have found that more and more mothers who give birth to boys are more prone to postpartum depression and stay high. Then there is no way to relieve the symptoms of postpartum depression? The following methods should be remembered by the family for the mother.

1. Talk to more people

The reason why many mothers are depressed is because there is something in their hearts that they can't talk to, and it will cause problems after a long time. Therefore, it is a good way to vent your dissatisfaction. Maternity sometimes feels that family members do not understand themselves, or even take themselves seriously. At this time, if you have grievances in your heart, you can find some good girlfriends to talk about. If you don’t have time, you can find some Baoma QQ groups on the Internet and talk to your netizens about your unhappiness. You can also ask them how to spend this. stage. In short, don't hold your words in your heart.

2. Let family help bring children

After research by scientists, it is found that after a baby is born, the chance of a child suffering from depression will be greater. The reason for this situation is the change of identity. After giving birth to a child, the role of Bao Ma changed, and it was difficult to change for a while to take care of the child's food and drink. Every day when I'm busy, I get dizzy, and even have a very limited time for rest. This will cause a bad rest and brain nerves will be affected. Over time, Baoma's spirit will easily collapse. Therefore, family members can help Bao Ma take the children, which can help Bao Ma share some of the pressure.

3. Exercise properly

Don't stay at home for a long time after giving birth, you can go out and do some proper exercise when you are free, which is very helpful for alleviating the stress in your heart. And exercise can help pregnant women recover their slim body, but it is recommended not to exercise too much, because Baoma’s body will still be very weak after delivery, and the heavy exercise will still burden the body a lot. It is recommended that Baoma jog sooner or later, sweating on the body You can stop and feel the body slowly increase the amount every day after adapting to it. Do not exercise too much, otherwise it will cause huge damage to your health.

4. Do something you like

Taking care of the baby is very boring and hard work, Baoma will definitely not be able to stand it, so it is recommended that Baoma can take time every day to do something she likes, such as listening to music, or chatting with a few good friends, or even taking a look TV series. All of these can play a role in relieving uneasiness. In short, don't put energy on children. Proper energy transfer can play a role in preventing depression.

Of course, in order to effectively prevent postpartum depression, husbands should also properly share the pressure of their wives, and usually have to be more patient and understanding.

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