Sunday, June 28, 2020

Miscarriage and miscarriage with the wrong fuel label can damage the engine

Long-term mixing of oil products will damage the life of the engine. For each car's engine, it has its corresponding label oil.

In general, the higher the compression ratio of the engine, the higher the required oil label. The ignition control system of the engine will set the ignition time according to different grades of gasoline. Once set, this parameter will remain unchanged. Therefore, it is best not to mix gasoline of different grades for a long time.

Momotu saves money and adds low-grade gasoline!

Because No. 90 gasoline is a low-grade oil, if it is added to a car that used high-grade gasoline for a long time, it will cause the temperature of the cylinder to increase, the combustion will be insufficient, and the engine will knock and be seriously damaged. Secondly, it will pollute the oil circuit in the car, which will affect the service life of the car's ignition system, fuel injection nozzle and spark nozzle, and advance the overhaul time of the vehicle.

Don't blindly love the car and refuel!

Of course, there are also many car owners who care too much for the car and blindly choose gasoline of too high grades to mix No. 93 gasoline with No. 97 gasoline. Although the chemical composition and refining degree of the two are relatively close, anti-knock resistance It is also relatively strong, but long-term mixing can easily cause carbon deposits in the cylinder. Over time, it will also affect the service life of the engine. If the car owner occasionally mixes different grades of gasoline under the last resort, it will not have much impact on the car in the short term. If the car has unstable power during driving, you can check the oil circuit. If you add a regular low-oil product to the car for a short time, it will not affect the service life of the engine under normal circumstances.

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