Friday, June 26, 2020

Make tea only to wash tea cups? These places should also be cleaned!

Tea set cleaning

Tea set

In the leisure time of tasting tea, there is one step that is most easily forgotten. That is to clean the tea set. In addition to the used tea cups and tea brewing appliances, what other places are easily overlooked? Let's discuss it together~

1) Spout

When cleaning, when it comes to hard-to-clean places, the first thing to point out is the spout of the teapot. The spout may be short or long, and it may be curved, so if the tea stays for a long time, it will easily form tea stains and scales.

Cleaning method:

You can use cotton pad dipped in white vinegar, and then put it into the spout to wash it off with water overnight; or you can directly start with a special cleaning brush, the small size can also be bent and twisted, not only can go deep into the corners, the cleaning effect is more thorough.

2) Cup wall

In order to keep the tea set clean, rinse the tea cup with clean water in time after drinking the tea.

How to clean the tea stains that have formed?

In fact, the main component of tea scale is calcium carbonate, which can be neutralized with white vinegar. If the tea scale is thick, you can add hot water and egg shell to shake, let it sit for some time to let the tea scale fall off and dissolve in it. In this way, it can be cleaned to the internal slit. If the tea scale is really heavy, you can pour a small amount of lotion directly and wait for a while to completely remove the tea scale.

For the clay teapot, the above method is not applicable. We can use the sponge to wipe the salt, sprinkle the salt on the inner wall of the tea stain, and then rub the salt for a while and rinse with clean water.

Gadgets that are easy to ignore

3) Tea towel

Tea towels are small squares used to wipe out the water stains on the outside of the tea set. Generally, there will not be too much tea spilled on the outside, and the tea towels will not be completely wet. Usually, everyone will choose to leave them on the side and let them dry.

But in fact, this method can easily lead to the formation of local mold. The correct way is to wash the tea towel thoroughly with wet water after each tea drinking, and then dry it. And thoroughly wash and disinfect with detergent every week, while maintaining the frequency of changing every March.

4) Tea strainer

Tea filter is used to filter tea residue, which is conducive to showing the clear quality of tea soup. Tea strainers are prone to clogging after a long time of use, and discoloration problems also occur, so regular cleaning is necessary.

In addition to often boiled with boiling water, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in baking soda and brush gently. (Note that the toothbrush used here has not been used!)

Some tea strainer filters can be moved and replaced. Using gauze DIY is also the secret to rescue tea strainers! You can choose a relatively dense gauze, just use the rope to fix the edge.

5) Tea tray/tea table

According to the material, the tea trays commonly used by people are divided into wood and stone. Therefore, proper maintenance can extend the service life.

Do not use lotion on the wooden tea tray, and it should not be too moist. After washing with warm water, use a dry cotton cloth to absorb moisture. It is best to place it in a ventilated place.

The stone tea tray can be rinsed with warm water for many times, and then dipped in a soft toothbrush or mild toothpaste or detergent.

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