Monday, June 29, 2020

Maintenance Tips Car audio maintenance also needs to be comprehensive

Listening to favorite music, favorite radio on the way, or relaxing, or resolving depression, music is the best companion of our hearts. To ensure good sound quality is extremely important for the maintenance of the sound, but it seems difficult to start. In fact, the audio is also an electrical product, generally in accordance with the maintenance steps of electrical products, generally can not go wrong.

A lot of attention and care are required on weekday maintenance, and its main purpose is to make the car healthy and safe. For the maintenance of the audio, the purpose is naturally to extend the life of the audio and ensure the sound quality. Audio maintenance does not necessarily need to disassemble the audio, because this step is not necessarily good for non-professionals. As one of many electrical appliances, audio also has many commonalities. As we all know, electrical products have three fears: one is afraid of moisture, the other is dust, and the third is violent vibration. The same is true of audio, as long as people can figure out what they do not like, it is easy to protect them.

First, the speaker is afraid of moisture. Close the door when washing the car by yourself. When cleaning the car, try not to have too much water on the towel. Do not spray the water with a spray can or liquid such as detergent on the speaker. If there is dust on the audio host, you can wipe it with a squeezed towel. And, after cleaning the cab, it is best to open the window for a period of time to allow most of the water in the car to evaporate before closing the window. You must know that the biggest killer of all parts of the electronic product is damp.

Secondly, the speaker is afraid of dust. Difficulties in advancing and retreating the disc, difficulty reading the disc, or even not reading the disc while listening to the CD, as well as interference with the radio reception effect, may be caused by dust damage. Dust damage to car audio is very common but inevitable. When your car is driving on a dirt road, try not to open the windows as much as possible to avoid a large amount of dust flowing into the car from the outside of the car, and it is best to adjust the outer cycle of the air conditioner to the inner cycle.

Finally, the sound is afraid of severe vibration. Although the vibration of the car will not cause severe vibration of the audio host during normal driving (unless there is an accident), sometimes for some reason, people need to disassemble the audio, this time you should pay attention, do not Shake or tap the sound vigorously. Because after violent vibration, some parts inside the speaker may be loose or damaged, causing serious failure. Generally speaking, even for the audio host that is waiting for maintenance, you must take it lightly.

In addition, friends who like to listen to CDs should try to choose good quality when buying discs, try not to use discs with cracks or severe scratches, so as not to damage the bald head. When dust appears on the disc, the dust should also be removed before playing.

In short, car audio maintenance is varied, depending on how you treat it.

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