Monday, June 22, 2020

Maintain good habits to protect the prostate

Prostate disease occurs in two ages, one is a man over 55 years old, mainly the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, most of them are frequent initial urination, nocturnal urination, and then urination is laborious. Another prevalent age stage is sexually active young adults, mostly prostatitis or prostate pain, manifested by frequent urination, dysuria, and perineal pain. These symptoms are related to many factors. Among them, sedentary and holding back urine are the most common incentives, and the "computer family" is the most prominent.

Due to prostatodynia caused by sedentary and holding back urine, you should visit the hospital in time to test urine and prostate fluid. If you have infections, you should add anti-infection treatment. Prostate pain will be significantly improved through standard treatment, but to prevent recurrence, it is especially important to change the bad habits of sedentary and holding back urine.

Sedentary and holding back urine can cause these symptoms, mainly related to the pressure of the perineum, poor blood circulation, excessive compression of the pelvic floor muscles, tension, dystrophy and other factors. Especially holding back urine is more likely to cause excessive tension in the posterior urethra and bladder sphincter. If these bad habits do not change, it will lead to repeated attacks of prostate pain.

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