Sunday, June 28, 2020

Maintain the best view. Don’t forget to add glass water to your car

Whether the car is used well or not, daily maintenance is the key. Sometimes the cleanliness of the car can determine whether the owner cherishes his car. As far as the usual maintenance is concerned, many car owners are concerned about whether the car's chassis, tires, brake system and other items have any problems. It meets the standard, but there are still many careless car owners, especially novice drivers, who tend to ignore some minor issues, such as attention to the front windshield.

Glass water is often ignored

Some time ago, when I was traveling with my friend's car, the friend wanted to use glass water to wash the dusty and worm-bearing front windshield while driving. As a result, I pressed the wiper spray button for a long time before suddenly thinking of forgetting Add glass of water, so I had to drive along the road with "fuzzy vision" all the way. I believe many car owners will have this experience and experience, especially if they see dirt or insects on the windshield while driving, the vision will immediately feel uncomfortable.

Use of glass water

The so-called glass water is the common name of the car windshield washer fluid, which belongs to consumables in the use of cars. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of glass water in the retail market of Chinese products: one that is commonly used in summer, and the insecticide component is added to the cleaning solution, which can quickly remove the residue of flying insects that hit the windshield; A kind of antifreeze type glass cleaning liquid specially designed for winter use, to ensure that the car facilities will not freeze and freeze when the outside temperature is below -20 ℃; one is a special effect antifreeze type, which guarantees that it will not freeze at -40 ℃, It is suitable for use in the coldest areas in the northernmost part of China. Kunming Auto Beauty Training School

When you feel the transparency of the front windshield of the car is poor, spraying glass water at this time will give you a "clear and clear" vision. Especially when driving at night, glass dust will scatter light. At this time, you need to spray a glass of water to keep the front windshield in the best transparent state. In addition, in dusty environments and when running highways on rainy days, the consumption of glass water will be very fast.

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