Monday, June 22, 2020

Long barbs around the nails are caused by dryness

Fingernails often grow barbs for unknown reasons. If you accidentally touch them, you will feel a lot of pain, so you often want to remove them. But if it is really pulled out, not only the pain will often cause blood flow, and in severe cases, skin infections may occur. Many people think that this is caused by a lack of vitamins, but is this really the case?

Chen Siyuan, deputy chief physician and associate professor of dermatology, pointed out that the barbed nails in the nails are called "reverse nail stripping" in medicine, which is a common problem of nail skin. The overwhelming majority of nail stripping has nothing to do with the lack of vitamins, but is caused by physical friction or excessive hand washing. The formation of nail stripping is caused by the separation of the stratum corneum that is too dry, and there are many incentives for recent labor such as hygienic cleaning and laundry. The stratum corneum is the first barrier of the skin. There is a layer of sebum on the surface of the stratum corneum. It is a natural moisturizer of the skin. . Soap, detergent, etc. or physical friction removes the sebum on the surface of the skin, which causes the cuticle to lose protection, and the cuticle will evaporate too much, causing dryness and peeling.

With the nails on the nails, do not pull them off forcibly, otherwise it will easily damage the skin around the nails and cause infection. The correct way is to cut the barbs flat. Prevention is mainly less exposure to soap, detergent, etc., often apply hand cream, can reduce the occurrence of nails.

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