Thursday, June 25, 2020

Life tips to get rid of garlic odor

Garlic, as a spice dish with excellent taste, has always been loved by many people, especially when eating hot pot, it is very delicious to incorporate some garlic into the self-adjusted taste, and garlic also has a strong bactericidal effect. For those with more toxins, eating more garlic is very beneficial.

However, we are full of the deliciousness of garlic, we have to pay for it, the taste of garlic in the mouth is really uncomfortable, and the smell is very big and pungent, even if it is far away from talking with people, you can smell it A pungent smell of garlic. So, how to effectively remove it? The following methods can help everyone.

1. Drink milk. The substances in milk can neutralize the taste of garlic to achieve the effect of removing odor. However, it is best to use pure milk. Some sweet milk such as Wangzi milk that everyone likes to eat at dinner does not have much effect.

2. Honey. The persistence of garlic taste is amazing, even after eating it the day before, after brushing your teeth and sleeping, you can still smell it the next day! In order to avoid this embarrassment, we can scoop a spoonful of honey before going to bed, take it with warm boiled water, and get another drink the next day, the garlic in the mouth can be effectively removed.

3. Acids. Foods like many acids can effectively remove garlic flavors, such as lemon, grapefruit, kumquat and hawthorn, which can not only relieve thirst but also remove odor in the mouth. Everyone feels thirsty after eating garlic. This is because garlic is causing trouble. At this time, you may wish to eat those acidic substances, whose aromatic smell can have the effects of smoothing and smoothing.

4. The last one is the tea that everyone is familiar with! Tea is bitter and has a cold taste. You can rinse your mouth with strong tea to remove odors, or simply chew the tea leaves, and the effect will immediately appear. It is the fastest way to remove the smell of garlic.

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