Monday, June 22, 2020

Life and daily cold prevention

Late winter and early spring are the periods of high incidence of colds. Although there are many ways to prevent colds, the best way is to start from daily life, which is economical and convenient. Several effective methods for preventing colds in daily life are introduced as follows:

Note that the cold and warm pathology tells us that when the body is cold, the blood vessels of the respiratory tract contract and the blood supply is reduced, and the local antibodies are also reduced, and the virus will take advantage of it and make people sick. Therefore, cold and warmth are very important to prevent colds.

Washing your face with cold water Cold water stimulates skin blood vessels and can strengthen the body's ability to resist cold. If your physical condition permits, it is best to insist on washing your face with cold water all year round, which can greatly enhance your physique and improve your disease resistance.

Every day, the human body should discharge about 1 kg of sweat and about 0.05 kg of grease. When sleeping, the bedding can be damp, and bacteria and viruses in the bedding can multiply and grow. Frequent refurbishment of bedding, ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill germs and remove moisture, which is very good for preventing colds.

Strengthening exercise The end of winter and the beginning of spring, the climate is gradually warming, is a good time to strengthen physical exercise. Such as running, doing exercises, punching, walking in the morning and evening and breathing fresh air, etc., can enhance physical fitness, improve people's immune function, and is extremely effective in preventing colds.

Morning and evening massage Morning and evening massage Fengfu acupoint (located 1 inch above the middle of the hairline at the back of the brain), Yingxiang acupoint (located 5 minutes below the outer wing), Hegu acupoint (located next to the second metacarpal bone of the tiger's mouth), can make the nasal secretions The increased content of immunoglobulin increases the resistance and helps prevent colds.

Preventing colds and fatigue is often the result of overwork. Due to the weakening of the body's immune system during fatigue, the virus can easily invade. Therefore, work and life should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, maintain sufficient energy and prevent the occurrence of colds.

Supplementation of nutrition The body's sufficient immunoglobulin content is one of the factors of the body's immune function. The lack of immunoglobulins reduces the body's ability to resist bacteria or viruses. Fish, meat, eggs, milk, and pulse products have high nutritional value, so attention should be paid to intensify protein synthesis and utilization. In addition, in recent years, there have been reports of taking vitamin C and eating foods rich in vitamin C to prevent colds.

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