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Learn more about white tea in one article

White tea is a special treasure in Chinese tea. It is a lightly fermented tea, with a degree of 20-30%. It has special requirements for the raw materials of fresh leaves of tea trees, that is, the tender shoots and the following 1-2 pieces of tender leaves are covered with white cents. The processing feature is that it is directly processed without frying and kneading. Dry. The white tea soup is yellow-green and clear, and tastes mellow.

1. The main varieties are Baihao Silver Needle, White Peony, Gongmei, Shoumei, etc., Laobai Tea

[Baihao Silver Needle]: Silver needle for short, also known as Baihao. It is named for its dense white Bai, silvery white like silver, and needle-like appearance. Its fresh aroma, yellowish soup, and fresh taste are the best in white tea. It is known as "beauty" and "tea king" in tea. Because the fresh leaf raw materials are all collected from the fat buds of Dabai tea tree, the finished tea is three centimeters long. The whole tea bud is covered with white cents and wrapped in silver, which is shining and pleasing. After brewing, the aroma is fresh and the taste is mellow, and the scenery in the cup is also interesting.

【White Peony】Because of its green leaves and silver-white heart, it looks like a flower. After brewing, the green leaves hold the buds, just like the first release of buds, so it gets the reputation. White peony is made from one bud or two leaves of short shoots and new shoots of large white tea tree or narcissus species. It is the best product in white tea.

【Gongmei】Gongmei, sometimes called Shoumei, is the highest yield of white tea. Its output accounts for more than half of the total output of white tea. It is made from the bud leaves of Caicha tea tree. This kind of tea made from vegetable tea bud leaves is called "Xiaobai" to distinguish it from Fuding Dabai tea, Zhenghe Dabai tea tree bud leaves. .

[Shoumei] White tea made from short bud pieces and large white tea leaves collected from Caicha (the Fujian tea area is another name for the general bush tea tree). Generally, "Gongmei" means top grade, and its quality is better than Shoumei, which is generally called Gongmei, and no longer has Shoumei. The standard for picking fresh leaves for making Gongmei is one bud two leaves to one bud three leaves. When picking, it is required that the tea buds contain tender buds and strong buds. Gongmei's production process is divided into preliminary and refined, and its production method is basically the same as the production of white peony tea. The high-quality tribute finished tea has obvious heart, white and velvety color, dry green tea color, orange-yellow or dark yellow soup color after brewing, leaf base is even, soft and bright, the leaves look bright, can see the main perspective The veins are red, and the taste is refreshing and the aroma is fresh and pure.

2. The efficacy of white tea

(1) Excretion of toxins. Modern children are compatible with televisions, game consoles, etc. Electronic radiation and environmental pollution are harmful to children's healthy growth. The tea polyphenols and lipopolysaccharides in white tea have the function of adsorbing and capturing radioactive substances, and then excreted from the body after combining with them. They also have early prevention effects on certain cancers.

(2) Prevent diseases and improve immunity. White tea has a high fluoride content, which can prevent dental caries; the sterilizing ingredients in tea can prevent stomatitis and remove bad breath, can supplement vitamin C deficiency, prevent gum bleeding; carotene in tea can be metabolized to rhodopsin to protect vision. From the perspective of traditional medicine, white tea also has the effect of clearing fire.

(3) Increase appetite. Children in modern families have a high "status", eat more snacks, and refuse to eat more. Drinking white tea in moderation can eliminate greasy food, increase gastrointestinal motility, promote secretion of digestive juice, and increase appetite.

(4) Prevent obesity. Drinking white tea can get rid of weight loss, lighten body and prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Taboo of white tea

(1) White tea is cold and cold. For those with "hot" stomach, you can drink in moderation on an empty stomach.

(2) For those with a stomach-neutral condition, you can drink it at any time

(3) Those with stomach "cold" should drink after meals.

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