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Learn more about black tea in one article.

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with a fermentation degree of 80-90% and is characterized by red soup and red leaves. Tea leaves are made by withering, twisting, fermentation and drying. There are red strip tea and red broken tea.

1. Red Tea

It is the traditional black tea in my country. Because of the different production methods, red tea is divided into black tea and small black tea. Red stripe tea generally requires a mellow and sweet taste, and the soup is red and bright.

(1) Gongfu black tea is a traditional unique tea product in my country. It is named because it pays special attention to the complete tightness of the rope during the initial production, and it takes labor to refine it.

The quality characteristics of Kungfu Black Tea are as follows: the shape of the rope is tight and the color is black. After the rush, the color of the soup and the leaves are red and bright, the aroma is rich and the taste is sweet and mellow. Due to the different regions of production, the varieties of tea trees are different, and the production techniques are different. Therefore, there are Qihong, Dianhong, Ninghong, Chuanhong, Minhong, Huhong and Yuehong.

[Qi Hong]: Qimen black tea, a famous Chinese tea. The famous black tea boutique, referred to as Qi Hong, is produced in Qimen, Dongzhi, Guichi, Shitai, Yixian, and Fuliang areas of Jiangxi in Anhui Province. "Qi Hongte is the most fragrant, and the reputation is high." Qimen black tea is the best in black tea and enjoys a high reputation. It is a favorite drink of the Queen of England and the royal family. It has a high reputation and a well-known reputation. " "Quanfang most", "Black tea queen".

[Dianhong]: Yunnan black tea is Yunnan

The general term for black tea is divided into Dianhong Gongfu tea and Dianhong crushed tea.

Dianhong Gongfu: The tea bud leaves are fat and strong, the gold is revealed, the soup is red, the aroma is high, and the taste is strong.

Dianhong Crushed Tea: Also known as Dianhong graded tea, its shape is uniform, the color is black, the taste is strong, the aroma is fresh, and the soup is red and bright.

[Ning Hong]: Ning Hong Gongfu Tea is one of the unique traditional Kung Fu teas in my country. Known for its unique style in the world, it is famous for its tight-knotted beauty, golden hair revealing, upright seedlings, lustrous color, long-lasting fragrance, red and bright leaves, strong flavor and freshness. (William Ux, an American tea expert, commented in the "Tea Leaf Book" monograph: "Ning infrared is beautiful, tight, black, and red and attractive, which is extremely valuable in the fight and tea." Praise "Ning red , Incense and taste are excellent".)

[Minhong]: Minhong Gongfu Tea is the collective name of Zhenghe Gongfu, Tanyang Gongfu and Bai Lin Gongfu, which are all Fujian specialties. The three kinds of Kungfu teas have different origins, different varieties and different quality styles, but each has its own consumer lover and flourishes for a hundred years.

Zhenghe Kungfu: Zhenghe Kungfu is one of the three major “Fujian Kungfu”. Zhenghe Kungfu is produced in northern Fujian, mainly in Zhenghe County. The red hair tea produced in Songxi and Qingyuan District of Zhejiang also concentrates on political and processing. The basic production method is derived from Wuyi "Zhengshan Race" and has been improved. The environment of raw materials and tea varieties are also different from Zhengshan Race, thus forming its own unique style. The finished tea bar is fat, firm and even, with a dark black oily color, and the buds show a golden yellow color, which is quite beautiful; the aroma is rich and fragrant, and it is vaguely similar to the fragrance of violets; the soup is red and mellow.

Tanyang Gongfu: Tanyang Gongfu is one of the three major efforts of "Fujian Hong". It was once ranked first in "Fujian Hong" with the widest distribution of production areas and the largest output and export volume. Tanyang Gongfu is widely distributed, mainly producing Fu'an, Tuorong, Shouning, Zhouning, Xiapu and northern Pingnan. Tanyang Gongfu black tea, which is known as "The Lady in Red", has a round shape, tight knots, and a smooth color, and the tea is fine, slightly golden, with a refreshing aroma, a bright soup, and a mellow taste. It is suitable for clear drinks. . It can also be adjusted to lemon tea, milk tea, rose black tea, ice black tea, and can also be blended into milk wine tea with a highly aromatic wine.

Bai Lin Gongfu: Bai Lin Gongfu was produced in Bailin, Hulin, Taimu Mountain, Fuding County. Named after Fuding Bailin, the main place of origin, it is based on superb handmade craftsmanship and unique and excellent quality. Its shape is long and slender and curved, and the shape of the hair is mostly granular pom-pom. The color is yellow and black, and the endoplasmic soup is light and bright. , The aroma is fresh and pure, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the bottom of the leaf is bright red and yellow. It has been well-known at home and abroad with the "Tanyang Gongfu" in Fu'an County and the "Zhenghe Gongfu" in Zhenghe County as the "Three Min Gongfu Tea".

【Huhong】: Mainly producing counties and cities in Anhua, Taoyuan, Lianyuan, Shaoyang, Pingjiang, Liuyang, Changsha and other cities in Hunan Province. Huhong Gongfu is represented by Anfu Chemical Co., Ltd., the shape of the string is tight and firm, the aroma is high, the taste is mellow, the soup color is thick, and the leaf bottom is slightly darker. Pingjiang Gongfu Xiang Gao, but not uniform.

[Yuehong]: Yuehong Gongfu is a Gongfu black tea produced in Zhejiang Province. It is tightly tied with a straight line, and it is solid and uniform. It is known for its beautiful appearance of front, seedling, and clarity. The Yuehong Gongfu tea cable is tight and straight, with a lustrous color, beautiful appearance, pure internal flavor and fragrance, the soup color is light and bright, and the bottom of the leaf is slightly darker. The scarlet silvery white or off-white.

(2) Small black tea: produced in Tongmuguan, Xingcun, Wuyishan, Fujian, my country. Since the tea processing process of the small black tea uses pine firewood to heat and wither and dry, the resulting tea has a strong scent of pine smoke. Due to the difference in origin and quality, the black tea is divided into the Zhengshan race and the outer mountain race.

①Zhengshan race:

Around Tongmuguan, Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City. The terrain here is high, with warm winters and cool summers. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall is about 2,000 millimeters. Between spring and summer, the clouds are foggy and the soil is fertile. Due to the use of pine and cypress firewood to heat and wither and tobacco drying, the tea leaves absorb a large amount of pine smoke and have a unique pine smoke aroma. It has low requirements on water quality and strong adaptability. No matter when and where it is brewed, the taste will not decrease.

(Related knowledge: Jin Junmei, first developed in 2005 by Fujian Wuyishan Zhengshan Tea Industry. This tea green is a wild tea bud tip, picked from the original ecological wild mountain of Wuyishan National Nature Reserve at an altitude of 1200-1800 meters. The tea tree, made of 6 to 80,000 buds, is made into a catty golden eyebrow, combined with the traditional craft of Zhengshan small species, and hand-made by the tea master in the whole process. It is the best tea in the world. It has black and yellow shapes. There is golden color in the dark black, which is highly fragrant.)

② Outer mountain race:

It grew up in Zhenghe and Jianyang. Also known as "smoke race", the overall quality of tea is slightly inferior to that of Zhengshan race, black tea is blacker than Zhengshan race, darker in color, and has a distinct pine smoke smell, which is more suitable for Western countries. Taste. Drinking sugar or milk is generally used abroad. The characteristic of milk turning into hot water is to neutralize LAPSANG's thick pine smoke. Adding sugar cubes, the soup color and taste is like coffee, and it is known as Chinese coffee.

2. Red crushed tea

It is a bulk black tea in the international tea market. It is made of black tea by cutting the strip tea into short and fine tea during the processing of black tea. It is not to be confused with the crushed powder of ordinary black tea. Red crushed tea requires strong, strong, fresh, and fragrant tea soup, which is stimulating. The quality of various black crushed teas varies greatly due to their different leaf shapes and tea tree varieties. Traditional black crushed tea refers to the first method of manufacturing red crushed tea, that is, the tea blanks are made by flat kneading, flat cutting, and then fermented and dried after the withered tea leaves, there are leaf tea, broken tea, tablets There are 4 varieties of tea and end tea.

3. The efficacy of black tea:

(1) Rejuvenate and relieve fatigue

Black tea has the effect of refreshing the brain and eliminating fatigue, because black tea contains caffeine, which can stimulate the cerebral cortex, make your response more agile, and accelerate blood circulation.

(2) Cooling down and relieving fever

Black tea can cool down and relieve heat. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols, pectin, amino acids, sugars, etc. These substances can stimulate saliva secretion, make your mouth feel moisturized, and can also produce a cooling sensation. not bad.

(3) Taboo of black tea:

1. Do not use black tea for medicine delivery, and do not drink tea for an hour before or after taking medicine, otherwise it will easily affect the effect of tea.

2. Black tea can be added with sugar and milk, but it is not suitable for consumption with black tea.

3. It is not suitable to drink black tea before a meal, nor to drink black tea immediately after a meal.

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