Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Knowledge of prevention and control of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, commonly known as "red eye disease", is a new type of acute viral eye disease that has erupted worldwide in the past 30 years.

(1) How is acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis spread?

The conjunctiva tears and eye secretions contain a large amount of virus, which is the main source of infection. Through the "hands, objects, water-eye-healthy eye-contaminated virus" approach to contact and spread. In addition, CA24v can be detected from the patient's pharynx and feces, and EV70 is even separated from the feces, suggesting the possibility of transmission through droplets and feces.

(2) What are the symptoms of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis?

The disease is characterized by a short incubation period, rapid onset, severe eye irritation, high congestion of the conjunctiva, subconjunctival hemorrhage and corneal epithelial spotting.

(3) How to prevent acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis?

Maintain good personal eye hygiene, develop a hygienic habit of washing hands frequently, not rubbing eyes, and dividing towels and basins.

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