Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Kissing often has so many benefits, talk about these cold knowledge you don’t know

Is there any benefit from kissing? Many people hear the first reaction is, what? There is this saying, yes! Kissing is not only good, but also a lot. Let's talk about it for everyone.

Benefit one, longevity

People who kiss frequently have an average life expectancy of 5 years longer than the average person.

Benefit two, weight loss and beauty

Kissing not only helps the body lose weight, but also has the effect of beauty and beauty. Experts say that if you stick to three 20-second kisses a day, you can consume 12 calories and promote successful weight loss. The same kiss can exercise facial skin and promote blood circulation. Play a certain role in beauty.

Benefit three, treatment of hiccups

Kissing is the most effective way to treat hiccups.

Benefit four, pain relief

Kissing can relieve pain. Studies have shown that when kissing, the body secretes a substance called endorphin, which is equivalent to the effect of a painkiller.

Benefit five, prevention of oral diseases

One of the most direct benefits of kissing is that it can prevent oral diseases.

Benefit six, enhance feelings

Kissing can increase feelings. The more you kiss, the better your kissing skills, and the more you love each other. At the same time, kissing can also test whether the other person loves you.

Benefit seven, enhance lung capacity and improve immunity

Kissing can also increase lung capacity, improve immunity, and make you and your partner grow longer.

I'm stunned. There are so many benefits to kissing. Write it down cleanly and tell someone you want to kiss but can't kiss. I believe your success rate will be several times higher.

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