Monday, June 29, 2020

Keep your car safe both inside and outside

The cold winter has passed. It's another spring season, and in my spare time, it is a good choice to drive out and travel around the world. About a few friends and family, you can also travel by car together. Fully enjoy the health journey it brings to the body. Three words do not leave our bank. When it comes to cars, car owners and friends can not ignore the maintenance of the car in spring. Jincheng Changhui Baojun 4S shop warmly reminds you to pay attention to the following points:

The first body maintenance can be said to be a good plan for car glazing. After the glaze, the brightness and hardness of the car paint will be greatly improved. For some excellent glazes, the effect on vehicle beauty is very obvious. It can keep the car paint smooth and bright for a year, and can also prevent acid rain from corroding the car paint in summer.

The second "heart" should be maintained, and the engine should be cleaned in time. Long-term use of the engine will form a thick layer of carbon deposits, which will corrode the rubber parts in the engine and affect the normal driving of the car. Apply a layer of maintenance wax after cleaning the engine;

The third car should be sterilized, and the interior of the seat should be kept dry and hygienic, especially for the sanitary corners such as car seats, foot pads, carpets, and air outlets. Regularly clean up the sundries in the trunk to prevent odors caused by mildewing for a long time. Bring unnecessary trouble to your car

The fourth wiper should take care of the spring rain. The owner can put the wiper switch at various speed positions, pay attention to whether the wiper has vibration and abnormal noise during work, check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds, and observe the wiper The state of the water, and whether there is uneven swing or leakage of the wiper rod.

Fifth tire anti-deviation. Check the tire pressure, the wear of the tread, and the nut for looseness. If you feel a deviation or wobble while driving, go to the service station to do a four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance check.

The sixth engine oil should be clean. If the engine oil used in your car is not suitable, it should be changed to a lubricating oil for summer.

The seventh brake fluid should be checked. The vast majority of car brake systems are dual-line vacuum-assisted hydraulic brakes. It is worth noting that the brake fluid that transmits the braking force is extremely absorbent. If water enters the brake fluid, the high temperature caused by friction will vaporize the water during braking. The gas is compressible and is compressed in the brake fluid, which will cause brake failure or even failure. After the spring, there will be more and more rain, and the humidity of the air will increase. If the brake fluid had a small amount of water before the rainy season, it would be very dangerous. In some vehicles where the brake fluid absorbs water more seriously, water droplets can be seen on the brake fluid oil cup cover. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance to ensure the life safety of the occupants.

The eighth chassis should be rust-proof. After the winter snowy road, the car chassis will be covered with thick mud. The mud contains alkaline chemicals during snow melting, which will greatly corrode the car chassis and will also block the car. Ventilation holes on the chassis. Wash the dirt on the chassis at the place where the car was washed. If conditions permit, anti-rust treatment of the chassis can be done once to resist the corrosion caused by acid and alkali to ensure that the chassis will not rust.

Regularly check your car to find potential faults in time to prevent them from happening at the same time, but also make you better understand the habits of the car and adjust it to the best state. Let you have unimpeded travel, Changhui Baojun 4S shop wishes our customers a happy journey and a happy life!

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