Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Just after giving birth, don’t touch any of these taboos for a few months, otherwise you will easily fall ill.

The custom of confinement has been circulating for so long from ancient times to the present, and it certainly makes sense. However, with the advancement of science, everyone has learned to counterfeit and preserve the truth, and chose to abandon some unreliable confinement taboos. However, for those confinement confinements that are scientifically based, the treasure mothers still have to pay attention to comply, otherwise it is their own losses.

Therefore, just after giving birth, don't touch any one of the taboo treasure moms in recent months, otherwise the body will easily fall ill.

Confinement avoid excessive use of eyes, especially can not stay up late to watch mobile phones

People today, regardless of age, sex or age, love to play with their mobile phones, even the concubine who is confinement. My cousin was playing chicken when she was confinement. Every day, as soon as she put down her baby, she picked up her phone and played dimly.

Once, when the baby was sleeping with her mother-in-law, she actually played all night, and the next day her eyes were swollen, and she couldn't open it anymore. Only then did she realize that she was afraid and called me to ask if she would be blind.

In fact, it is best to avoid excessive use of eyes during confinement, especially not to stay up late to watch mobile phones. This is mainly because, after giving birth, Bao Ma's body is weak, staying up late is not conducive to the recovery of the body, and it is easy to hurt the eyes.

Moreover, the eyes were hurt during the confinement, and it is not easy to recover after the confinement, and it is easy to fall the root of the disease. Therefore, it is recommended that Bao Ma be obedient and not make fun of her own healthy eyes. Try to restrain your thoughts about playing mobile phones during the month.

No matter the weather is cold or hot, don't touch the cold water during the month

I remember when I was confinement, it was too hard to see my mother-in-law taking care of me, so I wanted to do something. Once, when I saw that my baby's dirty clothes were not washed, I took a basin and took water to start washing. After a while, my mother-in-law came in and yelled, let me put it down, and said that she came to wash, and that the mother should not touch the cold water, and be careful about congenital disease in the future.

At that time, I also felt that my mother-in-law was too serious, and then my cousin told me that she had no concubine in her confinement, so she took cold water to wash her diapers. Now her fingers are numb when the weather is cold or when the wind blows.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that confinement cannot touch cold water. Because the mother has just given birth to a child, her body is weak, her qi and blood are insufficient, and the bones of the mother who passed the birth have not healed.

If you do not pay attention to the cold water, once the cold gas enters the body, it may cause poor blood and blood, and it may also cause joint pain. Therefore, Baoma confinement, whether it is cold or hot, should pay attention not to touch cold water.

No matter how hot the month is, you can't blow

Baoma, who has been in confinement, has such an experience, that is, family members in confinement must let themselves wear very thick clothes and wear hats. I always say that I don’t want the hair dryer to catch the cold, just like the post-partum Baoma is a sick sick seedling.

In fact, the family's statement makes sense. First, Baoma's body is really weak after birth, and her resistance is poor. Secondly, postpartum Bao Ma sweat glands secrete strong, sweating always, if blowing hair, it is easy to catch a cold, it will also cause headaches, joint pain and so on.

However, some Bao Ma will say: "What if I take a confinement in summer and do not let the hair blow heat stroke?" In fact, not blowing means that the fan and air conditioner cannot be directly directed at Bao Ma, but the room temperature is adjusted in advance is allowed.

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