Thursday, June 25, 2020

It's best not to eat these foods at dinner


Most of the barbecue stalls are only open at night, so many people choose to eat barbecue for dinner. In fact, it is not recommended to eat barbecue at dinner, because the barbecue contains a variety of carcinogens, which itself is very harmful to our body. In addition, at night, the level of the body's metabolic capacity drops significantly, and the damage to our body increases exponentially. It is recommended that you eat as little barbecue as possible every day, especially not as a barbecue for dinner or supper.

Greasy food

At dinner, it is not recommended to eat too many greasy foods. Most greasy foods contain a lot of protein and energy. For people who themselves have three highs, it will cause blood pressure and blood lipids to increase.

Compared to the daytime, the blood flow rate during sleep at night is slower, the coagulation of blood lipids will also be enhanced, and it is very easy to deposit on the blood vessel wall, resulting in arteriosclerosis and thrombosis; and if you will daily If the calorie supply is concentrated on dinner, it will also accelerate the reduction of glucose tolerance, which will greatly increase the burden on the pancreas, and accelerate the aging of the pancreas.


The sugar content and calories contained in desserts are very high. When the metabolic level at night is relatively low, eating it as a dinner will cause the body fat to increase greatly. And it is also very detrimental to our pancreas health. Some people do not have the habit of brushing their teeth at night. Eating desserts at dinner will greatly increase the chance of caries.

Flatulent food

At dinner, you also need to pay attention not to eat some food that will cause flatulence. Such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, etc., such foods are likely to cause flatulence after eating. Excessive bloating will not only cause discomfort in the stomach and intestines, but also affect the normal sleep state. Try to avoid it during dinner.

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