Monday, June 29, 2020

It is said that the smooth delivery is good, but these "exclusive advantages" of caesarean section

Two days ago, I heard two elderly people talk about the issue of birth and caesarean section of their daughter-in-law. An old man said: "My daughter-in-law is afraid of pain and wants to have a cesarean section. I insist on letting her go smoothly because the postpartum recovery is fast and there are no scars on the body. The key is to have a second child as soon as possible." Another old man said: "My daughter-in-law directly The selected caesarean section does not even try the cesarean section. If a woman has a caesarean section after giving birth to a child, I am afraid that the ability of humans to reproduce naturally may be lost..."

In fact, not only the elderly, but the young people also know that the birth is good. After all, this is the most primitive and most revealing method of birth, and the fetus is squeezed through the birth canal, which is also good for the development of his lungs. In addition, the woman's body recovers quickly after delivery, and can also avoid uterine adhesions and uterine scars caused by surgery.

However, although it is said that the smooth delivery is good, these "exclusive advantages" of caesarean section are also rare. However, few pregnant mothers are willing to admit it.

Choosing a cesarean section can avoid pain and maintain the harmony of the couple

It is undeniable that many pregnant mothers now choose cesarean section surgery because they are afraid of pain, but many of them are not willing to admit it. In fact, this is also the "exclusive advantage" of caesarean section surgery. The baby will come out after anesthesia, lying on the surgical bed, about one hour, and the pregnant mother does not have to suffer from the pain of contractions. This is a great benefit for pregnant mothers who are particularly sensitive to pain and have no confidence in childbirth.

Besides, now that the medical technique is well developed, in addition to having a childbirth to bear bones, the woman has other options. Why not use it? More importantly, cesarean section can avoid postpartum relaxation and maintain the harmony of the couple. This is also an "exclusive advantage" that few pregnant mothers are willing to admit.

Save mother and son at critical moments

Of course, in addition to choosing a cesarean section because of fear of pain, there is another situation where you have to have a caesarean section, such as a critical moment in life. Many pregnant mothers have children, and as long as the baby is not in a bad position or "giant", and there is no disease that is not suitable for childbirth, most will choose to give birth. However, if a critical situation occurs during birth, such as dystocia, fetal hypoxia and other critical moments, if a caesarean section is performed, the mother and child's lives can be saved.

Probably because this situation is too scary, so few pregnant mothers are willing to admit. However, the significance or original intention of cesarean section surgery should be to save the lives of mothers and children, and to open up a "birth path" for adults and children in addition to normal delivery.

By the way, the "privacy" operation was also done during caesarean section

Because caesarean section is a kind of operation, it also has an "exclusive advantage" that is indispensable to the operation. That is, the "privacy" operation is done during caesarean section. For example, if the pregnant woman had ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids and other diseases before, you can ask the doctor to remove it in advance. In addition, women who do not intend to have children after giving birth can also take the “privacy” operation in Sheung Wan during the caesarean section.

Therefore, despite the good delivery, cesarean section also has its undeniable "exclusive advantage", I hope you will not blindly exclude it. Especially pregnant mothers, according to their own situation, according to the doctor's professional advice to choose the correct production method.

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