Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Is there any nuclear radiation in the magnetic resonance?

First of all, when I heard the words "nuclear magnetic resonance", I felt very scared. "Nuclear magnetism must be nuclear! Look at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. You are scared to death. Do not do it or not!" Resonance professionals certainly cannot understand "nuclear magnetism", and "nuclear power", "nuclear bomb", and "nuclear radiation" are still far different. What we usually say is that the “nucleus” with nuclear radiation is mostly natural radioactive or has radiation hazards during its decay process, so when we use nuclear energy, we should try our best to avoid such damage.

However, the "nuclear magnetic resonance" used in our medicine and the "nucleus" in the atomic bomb are completely two concepts. The "nucleus" used in the atomic bomb is caused by the huge energy or radiation generated during the fission process of heavy metals, causing huge damage. In our medical applications, magnetic resonance, which is commonly used in clinical examinations, only uses our body's own and largest number of hydrogen (H1) "electromagnetic polarity characteristics" to observe subtle changes in the body.

We all know that the most abundant substance in the human body is water, and water is composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Then, the number of hydrogen atoms in the entire human body is very, very huge. The hydrogen atom has a characteristic, only one proton and one extranuclear electron, and no neutron. Well, this hydrogen atom is like a small compass, with polarities at both ends, which can be deflected in the direction of magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field. We just use the hydrogen atom to observe its state in the body, and then transform it into an image that we can see with the naked eye to evaluate the condition.

MRI uses the characteristics of a large proportion of water in the human body and a large amount of hydrogen proton nuclei for imaging. But the common people still talk about the "nuclear" color change. In order to reduce misunderstandings, global experts have agreed to remove the "nuclear" from the "nuclear magnetic resonance" and call it "magnetic resonance"!

Since only the ubiquitous water in our own body is used for imaging, there will be no additional "radiation", so no radiation will be generated by magnetic resonance examination. This can be assured.

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