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Is there any harm in levator ani exercise? What are the benefits of levator ani exercise?

When it comes to levator ani exercise, many people may think of hemorrhoids. Indeed, levator ani exercise can prevent and treat hemorrhoids. In fact, levator ani exercise has other benefits. Anal levitation exercise can exercise anal muscles and can prevent some other diseases. When doing levator ani exercise, pay attention to the correct method. Do you have many benefits? What are the benefits of levator ani exercise?

1. The benefits of levator ani exercise
(1) Improve human immunity

Frequent levator anal exercise can nourish qi and nourish the spirit. It is energetic and has a strong appetite, which helps to enhance the body's yang energy, through menstruation and collaterals, and warms the five internal organs. Therefore, levator anal exercise can improve the body's immunity.

(2) Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

The levator ani movement is mainly through the relaxation of the chicken and tissues around the anus to improve local blood circulation, improve the function of the anal sphincter, prevent anal relaxation, and thus have a preventive and therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids.

(3) Promote anus recovery

If the patient has just completed anal surgery, more levator ani exercise can improve local blood circulation, reduce congestion and expansion of hemorrhoidal veins, enhance local anal and rectal disease resistance, promote wound healing, and can effectively avoid anal diseases Relapse.

(4) Relieve the symptoms of urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary and uncontrolled penetration of urine from the urethra.

Regular sitting levator anal exercise can enhance the response and contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the resistance of the urethra, and restore and strengthen the function of the restraint editor, which greatly relieves the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

(5) Improve sexual ability

In the female pelvic floor and vagina, there is a bunch of muscles called pubic coccygeus muscles in the chicken. It supports all the organs in the pelvis and the muscles of the vagina. If the muscles are loosened here, the sensitivity of the vagina will be reduced and sexual pleasure will be reduced.

And often doing anal levitation exercise can exercise the entire pelvic floor muscle group, which is conducive to the blood supply of the genitals, enhances the ability of sexual feeling, and thus improves the quality of sexual life of couples.

(6)Protect the prostate

Most of the middle-aged and elderly men's urination disorders are related to prostate hypertrophy. The levator ani movement can make the pelvic floor levator ani muscles, pubic coccyx muscles, urethral sphincter muscles and other muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and various organs and tissues circulate metabolism to achieve relief. Prostate enlargement and inflammation.

2. The disadvantages of levator ani exercise
The levator ani exercise is an exercise for the anal muscle group, and does not involve adverse factors such as drugs and injuries, so the levator ani exercise does not have any harm.

3. The correct method of anal movement
1. Sit on the bed in the morning and evening, cross your legs, contract your buttocks and thigh muscles, contract the anus/door, slowly lift up, continue for about 3 seconds, then relax, repeat 36 times, about 2 minute. This method can promote local blood circulation and is quite effective in preventing and treating hemorrhoids.

2. Lie on the bed, spread your hands, straighten your legs, close your hips, close your abdomen to lift your anus when you inhale, and put your abdomen to your anus when you exhale. Repeat 18 times. It has the effects of aphrodisiac, weight loss and prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

3. Generally take the sitting position, supine position, use the inner force to regularly lift the anus/door upward, and then relax. In this way, the prostate is actually massaged and repeated hundreds of times, which can promote the return of venous blood in the perineum, reduce the congestion of the prostate, and eliminate the inflammation. To lift the anus, you must exert force, and it is best to defecate after lifting the anus.

4. How to do levator exercise

It is understood that the correct method of levator anal exercise is relatively simple. When you do it, you can imagine that you are enduring bowel movements, which can make the movement easier. Gently lift the anus up, then relax, and then lift up again, and repeat the lifting operation back and forth. This action can be performed fifty times at a time, and the time is kept at five to ten minutes.

This action is not limited by time, location, or posture, and is relatively flexible. It can be done while sitting, lying down, or standing. If you stand, you need to separate your feet. If you are sitting, you need to straighten your waist. When doing anal levitation exercise, pay attention to other parts of the body to relax, and then cooperate with even breathing.

If we master the correct method of levator ani exercise, we can relieve the anal diseases such as hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoids are relatively mild, it can be well treated by lifting the anus. Of course, if the condition is very serious, you can also use exercise to improve, but you need to cooperate with the corresponding drugs, such as anti-tumor hemorrhoids capsules. And when we choose drugs, we must carefully read the instructions of the drug or ask the doctor. And if you want to cure anal diseases faster, you should also pay attention to the light diet, and you must not eat spicy and irritating food.

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