Thursday, June 25, 2020

Is purple potato genetically modified food

Is purple potato genetically modified food

Purple potatoes are not genetically modified foods. Only the purple potato contains a pigment called anthocyanin, so the color of the purple potato is purple. However, this pigment is water-soluble and does no harm to the body. Putting purple potatoes in water while cooking will naturally discolor. This pigment will change color in different alkaline environments.

The difference between purple and sweet potatoes

The most intuitive difference between purple and sweet potatoes is actually different colors. Purple potatoes are purple, sweet potatoes are yellow. But the nutritional value of purple and sweet potatoes is also different. The nutritional value of purple sweet potatoes is actually higher. Purple sweet potatoes are rich in a substance called selenium. This substance is an anti-cancer substance, so purple potatoes have anti-cancer effects.

Of course, the starch content of purple potato and sweet potato are very high, and the content of carotene and vitamin A are also very high, the fiber content is also the same, but purple potato has more anthocyanin than sweet potato, so purple potato is Purple, this substance is not found in sweet potatoes, anthocyanins have antioxidant effects, as well as anti-cancer effects. Therefore, purple potatoes have a more antioxidant and anti-cancer effect than sweet potatoes.

In terms of taste, purple sweet potatoes are sweeter than sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes generally have more water in them after steaming or cooking, and they will taste lighter, but purple potatoes will not, compared to sweet potatoes. Potatoes are more noodles and the meat is tighter, so they will taste sweeter, more waxy and taste better than sweet potatoes.

In terms of price, purple potatoes are more expensive than sweet potatoes. Generally speaking, buying purple potatoes in supermarkets is about twice as expensive as sweet potatoes.

In terms of calories, purple potatoes have a lower starch content than sweet potatoes, so purple potatoes have lower calories. If a friend loses weight, it is recommended to eat purple potatoes is better than sweet potatoes, because purple potatoes are sweeter and better than sweet potatoes. But the calories are lower than sweet potatoes, and the feeling of fullness is similar. Of course, eating sweet potatoes and purple potatoes has the effect of weight loss. If you really like to eat sweet potatoes, it is also possible to lose weight by eating sweet potatoes. It is much lower in calories than normal rice.

There are actually some differences between purple and sweet potatoes, but eating is not entirely about nutrition and efficacy. What you like to eat is the most important.

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