Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Is neonatal jaundice necessary to take blue light? The doctor's advice is very pertinent, don't spend money unjustly

Mild physiological jaundice, no need to take blue light

Neonatal jaundice symptoms are very common, generally physiological jaundice, the symptoms are yellow staining of the sclera, face and neck, trunk, etc. This situation usually occurs 2-3 days after the birth of the newborn, 4-6 days is the most serious, and will disappear in 7-10 days.

Active breastfeeding allows your baby to eat breast milk diligently, promoting excretion is beneficial for jaundice. Of course, this is for relatively mild symptoms of jaundice, and there is really no need to spend money on blue light. However, if it is more serious physiological jaundice, if the jaundice value exceeds 15, it is necessary to go to the blue light treatment in time.

Pathological jaundice, should be combined with symptomatic treatment of the cause

Neonatal jaundice, in addition to physiological, there are pathological. Pathological jaundice is generally a symptom that occurs within 24 hours of birth, and the serum bilirubin in the body increases daily by more than 5mg/dl or by more than 0.5mg/dl per hour, and does not subside for a long time.

And some of them develop after a week or a few weeks of birth, and the bilirubin rises quickly and the symptoms last a long time. In this case, it is necessary to follow the doctor's arrangement, combine symptomatic treatment with specific causes, and cooperate with blue light irradiation treatment.

Novice mothers don’t think it’s easy to illuminate blue light, when the baby will be stripped into the phototherapy box. To protect the retina from damage, the nurse will wear a black eye mask for the baby, while covering the perineum and anus with a diaper. Moreover, more than one photo was taken, and serious treatment took three to four days.

In fact, it is normal for newborns to have jaundice, and there are many causes. It is not necessary to treat blue light in all cases. Therefore, novice mothers suffering from neonatal jaundice, don't spend money on blind treatment, so as not to cause the baby to suffer more.

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