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Is it better for women to drink black tea or green tea

It is not general for women to drink black tea or green tea. Different people have different tastes and different teas. Green tea is cold, but it has significant effects on anti-aging, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and detoxification. Black tea is warm in nature, but has significant effects on nourishing and protecting the stomach. The specific tea you need to drink depends on your body.

Is it better for women to drink black tea or green tea? It is not absolutely possible to say whether it is better for women to drink green tea or black tea. Scientific tea drinking is based on the seasons and human physiological needs. It is best for women to choose different teas for drinking during the four seasons, such as drinking black tea in winter, flower tea in spring, and green tea in summer. Especially in the hot summer season, drinking tea can not only quench thirst and dryness, but also use the different teas that are reasonably matched to make clever use. It can also play the role of beauty and beauty.

Some women drink black tea well. Black tea is a fully fermented organic tea. Black tea is mild and has good compatibility, so you can add milk, roses, honey, etc. When women drink black tea, they can add some jujubes, which can improve beauty and improve skin tone. Black tea is suitable for female friends in winter. Black tea is sweet and warm, which can nourish the body's yang, and the black leaves of black tea and red soup give a very warm feeling from the senses. Women who are afraid of cold in winter can drink black tea and heat their stomachs.

Green tea refers to the use of new leaves of tea trees, without fermentation, through typical processes such as greening, kneading, drying, etc. The color of the finished product, and the brewed tea soup preserves the green tone of fresh tea leaves. In addition, green tea also contains many detoxification factors, which are easy to combine with toxic substances in the blood and accelerate its discharge from urine. Changyin green tea can also prevent cancer and lower blood fat, helping the computer family resist the effects of computer radiation. Smokers drinking more green tea can reduce the harm of nicotine.

Usually drink green tea in summer and black tea in winter. It is better to drink black tea if you have a bad stomach. Girls should pay attention to keeping their body warm, so green tea should be moderate, especially during the physiological cycle. Do not drink tea. Try to drink black tea in winter. Warm, if you like it, it is better to drink ginger black tea. It can also prevent colds. The strong cup of ginger black tea in the early stage of the cold can drive off the cold, and most of it will be cured without taking medicine. As for other seasons, it is better to choose to drink flower tea, not necessarily green tea.

Summer Drink Green Tea

The summer is hot and the sun is like a fire. People are sweating and raining in it, and people consume a lot of physical strength and lack of energy. At this time, it is better to taste green tea. Because green tea is an unfermented tea, it is cold, "cold can clear heat", it can go to the fire, relieve thirst, eliminate phlegm, and accelerate the healing of oral cavity and mild gastric ulcer.

And it has high nutritional content, and also has medicinal value such as lowering blood fat and preventing arteriosclerosis. After brewing this tea, the water color is clear, the aroma is quiet, the taste is fresh, the daily drink in summer, the heat is relieved, the body is strengthened. Treasures of green tea include Longjing, Shifeng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The soup is green and pleasant. It is known as the "China's green tea leader"; Jiangsu Taihu Biluochun, tea green and green, rich aroma; Anhui Huangshan Maofeng, tea flavor.

To brew green tea, take it in 90℃ boiling water, high-grade green tea and delicate famous tea, the buds and leaves are delicate, and the aroma is mostly a low-boiling fragrance. You can brew it in 80℃ boiling water, you don’t need to cover it when brewing Cup lid, so as not to produce hot stuffy, affect the freshness of tea soup.

Dongyin black tea

In winter, the weather is cold, all things are dormant, the cold evil attacks people, the physiological function of the human body is reduced, and the yang is weakened. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks: "In the cold winter, all living things are closed, and the physiological activities of the human body are in a state of inhibition. "It's expensive to keep warm", so black tea is the top grade in winter.

Black tea is sweet and warm, which can nourish the body's yang. Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, heats the stomach, enhances the body's cold resistance, and helps digestion and greasiness. Black tea is fully fermented in the process of processing to oxidize tea tannin, so it is also called fully fermented tea. After the fresh tea leaves are oxidized, they form red oxidized and polymerized products-theaflavins, thearubins, and theaflavins. These pigments are partially dissolved in water and brewed to form red tea soup.

Famous traditional black tea products include Huhong, Yihong, Ninghong, Minhong, Taihong, and Qihong. Qihong is famous in Qimen County, Anhui Province. When brewing black tea, it is advisable to brew it with freshly boiled water and put the lid on the cup to avoid releasing the fragrance. British people generally have the habit of drinking "afternoon tea". They often mix Qi Hong with Indian black tea, and then drink milk and sugar. In some places in my country, there is also the habit of drinking black tea with sugar, milk and sesame, which can not only generate heat to warm the abdomen, but also add nutrition and strengthen the body.

Woman is suitable for drinking green tea in summer. Because the weather is very hot in summer, people need to quench the heat and quench their thirst, and the green tea clear soup with green leaves gives a refreshing feeling. Green tea has strong astringency and high amino acid content. It is the best drink to cool down and cool down. The natural substances retained in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, which are unmatched by other teas.

Green tea is often consumed by women who use computers. The main function of green tea is to nourish the lungs and clear the fire.

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