Monday, June 29, 2020

Is diaper only storing urine? Netizens unlocked "deep skills" too brain-burning

The diaper is really easy to use, and it is also regarded as the "artifact with baby" by the new generation of parents. Moreover, its benefits are not only for adults to save trouble, the key is to be good for the baby.

The baby is diapered, clean and hygienic, and can guarantee a stable sleep at night

Studies have shown that qualified and high-quality diapers are super absorbent and can effectively keep your baby's ass dry and clean, reduce the growth of bacteria caused by moisture, and reduce the chance of diaper rash. Moreover, the baby wears diapers, which can reduce the spread of bacteria in feces compared to diapers. If you use diapers for your baby at night, you can prevent your baby from feeling uncomfortable because of wet urine or odor, and then wake up many times in the middle of the night. The baby sleeps peacefully, so as to ensure adequate sleep and to enter deep sleep smoothly, which is of great benefit to its development. Therefore, it is recommended that novice parents should give qualified diapers to their babies.

Knowing the use and benefits of diapering, it really works. So, can diapers only store urine? Netizens also unlocked their "deep skills", which is too brain-burning and makes people speak up knowledge. Like the following two useful uses, they are unlocked in practice.

The diaper is stored with water and can be used as a temporary ice pack

Before, I saw on the Internet that a Bao dad made a temporary ice pack for his baby with diaper water storage. At that time, it was incredible, and I asked the doctor. I didn’t expect this method to be really feasible. It was just a temporary use. Do not destroy the diaper completely as an ice pack, the baby will suffer.

The specific method is that when someone in the family falls, bruises or sprains, you can take a baby's diaper and store it in water to make the diaper become heavy. Then put it in a clean plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate for more than ten minutes. After taking it out, it can be applied to the red and swollen parts of the family. The swelling effect is particularly good. If the family has a fever and needs to be physically cooled, this temporary ice pack made of diapers can also come in handy. However, it should be noted that small babies are not suitable for cooling with this ice pack, which can easily cause convulsions. After the baby has a fever, it is still necessary to use the conventional fever-reducing method, or to the hospital in time.

Used diapers, remove cotton wool, and act as a diaper strap

The above mentioned is the "deep skills" of the new diaper, and a secondary use of the old diaper is unlocked. That is, when the baby uses diapers or diapers in addition to diaper, the old diapers can be used again. Instead of washing it and continuing to wear it, remove the used cotton diapers, leaving only the outer layer of skin and a fixing patch to act as a diaper strap.

Although this kind of improved fixing belt is not elastic, it would be very suitable if it is made of diapers suitable for the age of the month. In this way, there is no need to worry about the baby twisting and twisting when using the diaper to cause urine leakage, and there is no need to keep the diaper away when taking the baby out. However, the only drawback is that it does not have diapers and urination, family members still have to pay attention to see if the baby is pulling urine.

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