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Is black tea moldy still drinkable? How to tell if black tea is moldy?

In areas with humid air, if you do not pay attention to the preservation of tea, it is easy to cause deterioration or mold. Some tea leaves can continue to be drunk after drying in the sun, but some tea leaves must be thrown away if they are slightly moldy. Then let's take a look together, can you drink black tea moldy!

Can I drink black tea after it gets moldy?

It is best not to drink tea after it becomes moldy. After all, it is because of the influence and pollution of Penicillium and Aspergillus. The tea soup brewed by the moldy tea leaves not only does not have the original tea fragrance, but more importantly, the human body may also cause certain damage to the body after drinking. For example, dizziness, diarrhea and other symptoms may occur, and even more serious cases may occur. Therefore, the same goes for black tea moldy, it is best not to drink moldy black tea.

How to tell if black tea is moldy?

The golden color of black tea is very bright and golden, and it smells of flowers. It is generally found in black tea and brick tea, and there are also a few in Qianliang tea, while other varieties of Anhua black tea have no golden flowers. of. The moldy black tea has an obvious characteristic, that is, it has a moldy smell. If you smell it directly, the moldy black tea is moldy. Black mold, green mold, gray mold and white mold are likely to appear in moldy black tea. If you drink it in water, it will be irritating and difficult to swallow.

However, black tea is generally not moldy as long as it is stored properly. It is best not to drink it if it gets moldy. The black tea purchased normally must be placed in a ventilated and dry place. The temperature of the storage environment should not be too high. The air should be smooth. Only when it is properly stored can the black tea not be moldy.

Tips: Some tea friends are reluctant to throw away the moldy black tea. They think that it can be sterilized by solar energy and can be drunk after drying. As a result, they feel unwell after drinking. To avoid this situation, it is recommended not to drink moldy black tea!

Although black tea is moldy and cannot be continued, it can still be used for other purposes. But if you want to make good use of the moldy black tea, you have to decide according to the degree of moldy! Next, let me introduce how to judge the degree of mold of black tea:

1. Early moldy

Early moldy black tea generally softens the overall tea leaves, and the aroma of the tea leaves also decreases, but there is no obvious moldy sensation, nor does it smell obvious. In fact, early moldy black tea can still be "saved". Put these black teas in a cool, dry and ventilated place and let them dry naturally to remove moisture. However, this will lose some of the original aroma and refreshment of black tea, but it has little effect on the quality of black tea.

Second, the mildew

In the mid-term moldy black tea, the overall appearance of the tea leaves will be a little soft, and the surface of the tea will be slightly gray and will grow a little white frost. It smells faintly musty, but when you look inside, there is no particularly noticeable moldy feeling. Mid-term moldy black tea can also be "saved", but it will greatly damage its quality. Although moldy black tea can be saved in the medium term, it is not recommended to continue drinking, so throw it away! However, moldy black tea can be used for other purposes!

3. Late mildew

Black tea is moldy to the late stage, which is directly caused by the mildew of the tea, and it will be sticky and not dry at all. In addition, some green and yellow hairs will grow on the tea leaves. When you peel off the tea leaves, there will be white or black mildew symptoms. It smells very heavy and musty. This kind of black tea can be thrown away directly, and don't use it for any other magical use!

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