Thursday, June 25, 2020

Inventory of the little skills of using toothpaste-to ensure the cleanliness of home life

Cleaning clothes

The weather is hot in summer and people are more prone to sweat. Sweat stains that are difficult to clean often accumulate on collars and cuffs. How to do it?

In fact, as long as you rub a little toothpaste on the sweat stains, you can achieve the cleaning effect. Similarly, the clothes are stained with oil and ink, and can be easily washed off with toothpaste. Squeeze a little toothpaste and moisten it with a drop of water, apply it evenly on the sweat stains, and gently rub; wait for the white foam to cover the entire piece of cloth and wash it off with water. Then you will find that the oil stains are gone, but the fragrance of toothpaste is left on the clothes.

Clean shoes

Many only wore shoes for a quarter, but they looked old, like they had been bought back for several years. So, how should we rescue the little white shoes?

Wet the shoes with water, squeeze the toothpaste on the sponge instead of the shoes, scrub the shoes with the sponge, especially the white shoes, rinse with clean water after washing, and scrub the stained areas again. In this way, the washed shoes can be comparable to the new shoes!

Cleaning white shoes with white toothpaste can prevent white shoes from yellowing. However, it should be noted that toothpaste cannot be left on the shoes for too long. In addition, toothpaste can also be used to polish shoes. As long as a little toothpaste is mixed with shoe polish to polish the shoes, you can make the shoes more shiny!

Wood washing furniture

Water stains, coffee stains spilled on wooden furniture, can you get it with only toothpaste? Yes, toothpaste is so amazing! All you need to do is stick the toothpaste to the stain and gently scrub with paper towels or rags to clean the wooden furniture without damage.

Wash grapes

Grapes have high nutritional value. But before you eat grapes, you may be very distressed. How to wash it to achieve cleanness and avoid the loss of nutrients?

Don't worry, toothpaste can easily help you solve your worries. When eating grapes, use scissors to cut carefully at the junction of the grape fruit pedicle and the fruit to keep the whole grain. Put the grape grains in the diluted brine, which can achieve the effect of sterilization. But the grapes at this time were not completely cleaned, and a white film remained. So, you can squeeze some toothpaste in your hands, rub your hands, and gently scrub the grapes. After the clear water, you can make the grapes completely transparent, and it is more comfortable to eat!

Wash the wall

If there are naughty children at home, if you don't pay attention, they will graffiti on the carpet, wall, sofa or door. Since most children use crayons, these color components are mostly wax or grease. Therefore, as long as the toothpaste is wiped with a damp rag, the graffiti can be removed.

Remove dirt

A cup of tea and coffee will shed a layer of stains and look dirty. Apply toothpaste to a rag and scrub the inside of the cup. After washing, you can remove dirt from the cup.

Toothpaste restoration

1. Fine scratches on the window glass or watch mirror surface, apply a little toothpaste, and then wipe with a soft cloth, the scratches can be repaired.

2. The model mark on the car will lose its luster after a long time. Apply it with a cloth and a little toothpaste to make it regain its luster.

3. Children will use pencils and crayons to scribble on the wall, and use cotton to soak a little toothpaste to wipe off the wall easily.

Toothpaste anti-inflammatory articles

Toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil, ginger oil and other ingredients, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and silting effect.

1. Itchy and unbearable after mosquito bites, apply toothpaste to the affected area to stop itching

2. Applying toothpaste after being stung by bees can eliminate redness and swelling. The "weakly alkaline" toothpaste can neutralize the acidic substance of bee venom and achieve the effect of detoxification.

3. Use a little toothpaste to scrub the parts of prickly heat, and wash it with water to stop itching and rash.

Small reminder: Although toothpaste has anti-inflammatory and itching effects, it is not a medicine after all, it is not helpful for serious wounds, such as scalds and bruises. It needs to be treated with special drugs!

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