Friday, June 26, 2020

Introduction to the brewing method of Lu'an melon tea

Lu'an melon flake tea is strong but not bitter, fragrant but not astringent. It is one of the varieties of green tea. However, if you want to make a delicious cup of Lu'an melon tea, you must pay attention to the correct brewing method. Next, I will introduce you to the brewing method of Lu'an melon tea.

Brewing method of Lu'an melon tea

For brewing Lu'an melon tablets, the upper casting method, the middle casting method or the lower casting method can be used. Specific steps are as follows:

Step 1. Spare parts

The most ideal tea set for brewing Lu'an melon slices is a transparent straight glass. Then use boiling water of about 75-85 degrees, pour along the cup along the four walls, rinse and warm the glass.

Step 2. Brewing tea

Upper casting method: first pour boiling water into a glass, then put the Lu'an melon sliced ​​tea leaves, cover the cup lid, and let it bubble for about 50 seconds, so that the tea leaves slowly stretch and the fragrance can be released.

Medium cast method: Put a little boiling water in the glass first, then put the Lu'an melon slice tea. Shake the teacup to slowly unfold the tea leaves, and then add water until the cup is seven or eight full.

Lower casting method: First put the tea leaves of Lu'an melon slices into the cup, and then pour boiling water to make the tea leaves tumble, and the tea will absorb water and smell fragrant.

Step 3. Drink

After brewing, you can watch the graceful posture of tea leaves unfolding in the cup, sniff the fragrance of tea, and then taste the tea soup.


1. Angua tablets should be brewed in two batches when brewing. The temperature of the tea is around 80℃. First, warm the tea leaves with a little water, shake the tea cup or teapot gently to let the aroma of the tea fully develop.

2. Do not brew with boiling hot water. If the water temperature is too high, the tea leaves of Lu'an Melon will be damaged, the tea soup will turn yellow, and the taste will become bitter and the taste will not be mellow.

3. When the tea soup is warm and not hot, you can drink it. You should sip it slowly and swallow slowly, so that you can fully enjoy the charm of Liuan melon tablets and the mellow taste.

4. Lu'an melon sliced ​​tea should taste its umami and tea fragrance carefully. When the remaining one-third of the tea soup has water, it should be continued. The second tea is the richest. The body and mind are comfortable and the fun is endless.

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