Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In these 5 cases, the child who is pregnant cannot take it, the pregnant mother needs to know!

Pregnancy is a happy thing, but not all pregnant mothers are fortunate, such as children in the following situations, it is recommended not to stay for the mother:

1. Take a lot of antibiotics in the first month of pregnancy

If a woman has been seriously ill before pregnancy, has taken a lot of Western medicines such as antibiotics, or the pregnant woman has been taking medication for a long time, in this case, if pregnant, the child must not be required. A large amount of antibiotics in the body will seriously affect the development of the fetus and lead to fetal malformation. It is best for women to consider having children after 3 months of withdrawal.

2. I took birth control pills a few weeks before pregnancy

If women often take birth control pills or have taken birth control pills shortly before pregnancy, the baby in this case is also not necessary. Generally speaking, children should not be asked for at least 2 months after taking birth control pills. Birth control pills are hormonal drugs that will change the hormones in women. These hormones will inhibit the secretion of the ovaries. If the levels of ovarian hormones do not return to normal, the endometrium will become thinner and the fertilized eggs will not be implanted firmly. Cause abortion. At the same time, even if the fetus can develop, birth control pills will greatly increase the probability of fetal malformation.

3. Have a history of premature delivery and miscarriage shortly before pregnancy

After a miscarriage, women will have a heavy blow to the body and mind. Regardless of premature delivery or miscarriage, pregnant women will enter a complete pregnancy process. Once pregnancy begins, a series of changes will occur in various organs of the female body, such as thickened uterus, enlarged ovaries, breast development, etc. Variety. Until these organs return to normal state, the normal development of fertilized eggs cannot be guaranteed, so it is recommended that women with similar experiences should conceive after 3 months.

4. Short-term caesarean section surgery

After a cesarean section operation, the woman's uterus will leave a wound, which cannot be recovered normally in a short period of time. As the baby develops, the uterus may be ruptured, posing a fatal threat to children and adults.

5. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized egg deviates from the normal track and develops outside the uterus. The symptoms of the ectopic pregnancy are not obvious at the beginning. With the development of the fertilized egg, there will be symptoms of menopause, abdominal pain, and a small amount of bleeding. In the later stage, the symptoms will become more and more serious, and even cause fallopian tube rupture and pregnant woman shock. Once a woman finds an ectopic pregnancy, she should take professional treatment immediately. If the fetus is not able to develop normally, it may lead to the permanent inability of the pregnant woman.

In order to avoid the above situation, women must consult a professional doctor before conception, check whether their body is suitable for pregnancy, listen to the professional advice of the doctor, adjust their body to the best state, to welcome the arrival of the baby.

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