Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In the spring, the child's height is very long and long.

According to statistics of relevant data, the height increase of children in different seasons is different. Generally speaking, the slowest growth period of children is around October in autumn. At this time, the height increase generally slows down, with an average increase of 3.3 cm.

Around May in the spring is the season in which the child's height grows the fastest, with a height increase of about 6.6-8.3 cm.

During this time period, the child's various metabolic activities are gradually accelerated, and growth hormone secretion is strong, so spring is the best time for the child's height to increase rapidly.

So how to let children grow up quickly in this "good time"?

In general, parents should pay attention to the following "Four to two".

To develop an exercise plan for the child

Because the temperature is suitable at this time, it is very suitable for children to go out for activities or exercise, Bao Ma can make a workout plan for the child;

It can be badminton, table tennis, jogging, cycling, skipping rope, long jump and other sports. Through these muscle stretching exercises, the muscles of the child can be stretched, thereby better promoting height growth.

Parents posted the child's exercise plan in a prominent position at home, urged each other, insisted on exercising, and grasped the golden season of increase, with less effort!

To properly supplement nutrition for children

In terms of diet, Bao Ma should pay more attention to the rationality and balance of diet collocation, and not let the child appear "overnutrition".

You can give your child more food with higher protein content, and also can add more fruits and vegetables with more vitamin content. In addition, Baoma can give your child some nuts, eggs, and milk.

It is best to achieve a reasonable mix of three meals a day.

In addition, Baoma pays attention to keep children from eating foods containing preservatives, pigments, etc., which are detrimental to their growth.

To ensure the child's sleep

The results of the study show that high quality and adequate sleep at night is the key to ensuring that children grow taller.

Because during this time the child's body is actively secreting various growth-promoting factors.

In order to allow the child to sleep on time, Baoma can also set a sleep schedule for the child. If the child performs well, the child can be given appropriate rewards, such as posting small red flowers, incentive travel, etc.

Let the baby get a good sleep experience in the reward.

Adjust the clothes for the child in time

The climatic characteristic of spring is "suddenly cold and hot". Due to the change of climate, children are easily sick at this time.

Once the child is sick, it will affect the appetite, the child's nutrition can not keep up, the body's metabolism slows down, and the body's growth will naturally be affected.

Therefore, when the temperature is unstable, Bao Ma should adjust the clothes for the child in time to avoid the child getting sick due to sweating or cold.

In order to allow children to grow up quickly, many parents supplement their children with various nutritional products every day, which is almost a "big meal". Is this method feasible?

What misunderstandings should parents avoid to promote seedlings?

Don't overdo it

Some Bao Da Bao Bao Ma worry that the child is not tall, so they add fish and meat every day, and also add various nutrients.

In this way, the height of the child may increase significantly in the short term, but at the same time, the child may be obese and the bone line closed early because the child has not reached the height of the height.

When the other children grow up, their baby will be "unmovable".

Because the nutrients required by the child during the growth process are certain, Baomao should do the right amount instead of supplementing it.

Do not overdosing calcium

Many mothers have the habit of supplementing their children with calcium, because if the child lacks calcium, it may cause abnormal bone growth.

Therefore, calcium supplementation has become a "cutting point" for parents to let their children grow taller, and sometimes the dosage will be more casual, thinking that children who eat more calcium tablets will grow higher.

However, excessive calcium supplementation may also cause the child's bones to stop growing early and the bone gap closed, so that it is very difficult for the child to want to grow taller later.

Every parent wants their baby's height to reach the ideal level, at least more than their parents.

In fact, with the improvement of economic level, the size of children is generally higher now, so parents do not have to deliberately "make up" for their children, as long as the children's nutrition is rich and comprehensive.

In the prime time of height in spring, parents must not forget to let their children exercise a lot. Only in this way may there be "little surprises" that children will be heightened.

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