Friday, June 26, 2020

Improper storage of summer tea leaves it easy to change its flavor, how should it be preserved?

"Plum Blossom" is an annoying sauna day afterwards. Drinking a cup of clear tea can both cool down and cool down, and it can also be refreshing. However, no matter how good the tea is, under hot and humid weather, if it is improperly stored, it will easily smell and affect the tea itself. In addition to the quality of the tea, it also hurts. Therefore, it is necessary for those who love tea to learn how to store tea correctly.

Quicklime storage method: choose a dry, closed ceramic altar, place it in a dry and cool place, wrap the tea leaves in thin kraft paper, tie it tightly, and arrange it in layers around the altar, then put the gray bag in the middle of the tea bag, install Seal the altar mouth after it is full, and it is best to change the ash bag every 1 to 2 months, so that the tea leaves will last for a long time without deterioration.

Charcoal storage method: Take 1 kg of charcoal into a small cloth bag, put it in the bottom of the tile jar or small tin box, and then arrange the packed tea leaves in layers until it is full, then seal the jar mouth and hold the charcoal cloth bag Generally, it should be changed once a month.

Thermos storage method: Put the tea leaves into the newly purchased thermos, then seal it with white wax and wrap it with adhesive tape. This method is most suitable for keeping tea at home.

Chemical storage method: Use a thick plastic bag to fix the oxygen scavenger on a corner, and then seal the tea bag. The oxygen scavenger can absorb the oxygen of the tea in a day or two, and achieve deoxygenation sealing, the effect is very good .

Refrigerated storage method: Pack new tea with water content below 6% into iron or wooden tea pot, seal the mouth with adhesive tape, put it in the refrigerator, keep it in the refrigerator for a long time, keep the temperature at 5 ℃, the effect is better .

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