Sunday, June 28, 2020

Improper maintenance of vulnerable cars, analysis of ten common maintenance mistakes

1. Gasoline prefers high label

The gasoline label is only a parameter to calibrate the anti-knock ability of gasoline, and it is not necessarily related to whether the gasoline is clean and fuel-efficient. It is not that the higher the gasoline grade, the better. Even high-end cars are not equivalent to the higher grade gasoline. What kind of oil to add should follow the oil standard in the manual. Automobile manufacturers generally mark the recommended fuel label on the inside of the fuel tank cap.

2. Lubricants prefer high grades

Lubricating oil is another big expense for car owners. A car traveling 5000 kilometers basically needs to be replaced. Many car owners think that the higher the lubricant level (label), the better the brand name. In fact, the lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the engine. Some popular cars can use ordinary domestic lubricating oil. It is not necessary to use imported high-grade lubricating oil.

3. Too much car washing and waxing

Excessive car washing and waxing will gradually deteriorate the brightness of the car paint. Normally, waxing once a month is enough.

4. Too much insurance coverage

Some car owners will purchase "excess insurance" and "insufficient insurance" when purchasing auto insurance. Excess insurance, that is, the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the insurance subject, such as the purchase of a car worth 120,000 yuan, the purchase price is 150,000 yuan, and the insured amount of 300,000 yuan is insured. If the total loss occurs, the compensation will be obtained. It can only be 120,000 yuan.

5. Tire inflation exceeds the limit

The tire pressure must be checked regularly. Except for the spare tire, other tires must be checked at least once every two weeks, and the tire pressure must be checked with the tire cooled, otherwise the high temperature will increase the tire pressure, which is not accurate. . But there is no need to over-inflate the tires.

6. The fuel tank is not full

Many drivers believe that filling the fuel tank will increase the load and waste gasoline. Therefore, many people often do not fill up. In fact, the fuel pump in the fuel tank will often not be cooled by the fuel, which is easy to heat and burn. It takes several hundred yuan to replace a fuel pump.

7. Throw antifreeze in one year

Generally, the replacement period of antifreeze is 2 to 3 years or 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. Some antifreezes will store a small amount of flocculent sediment after one year of storage. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the precipitation of additives and does not need to be thrown away. If a large amount of particles precipitate, it indicates that the antifreeze has deteriorated and can no longer be used.

8. Do it yourself

To change a tail bulb, the working hours cost 20 yuan! Some simple replacements can actually be done by yourself. For example, the air filter and wiper are the cheapest parts in the car. The inspection and replacement of the two are very simple, and you can replace it yourself. In addition, the glass water bought in the supermarket is also cheaper than the 4S store. Just buy it and add it yourself.

9. Wash the leather seats with soap

Leather seats are afraid of being scratched by hard objects and even more corroded by chemical cleaning agents. Go to the car beauty shop for cleaning, and use foam detergents. After drying, the leather surface becomes hard and has tiny cracks. You can use transparent soap with very little corrosion, which not only has good detergency, but also has a soft and shiny leather surface after drying. After wiping the soap, let it air dry, and wipe it twice with a wet towel that does not contain soap after washing.

10. Use toothpaste to remove scratches

The bright car paint unintentionally often shows road scratches, and it is not possible to push the sand wax in the car beauty shop. You can use the method of toothpaste polishing to remove minor scratches, and the effect is good. The method is to wash the scratched area with clean water first, then take a clean cloth or towel, dip a little toothpaste and gently push and wipe the scratched area repeatedly. After the scratches disappear or weaken, they can be wiped dry. Toothpaste itself is an abrasive to clean the teeth, not hurting the human body or even the paint.

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