Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If your child is born early or late, your life will be very different. Does your mother feel this way?

In modern society, due to the dual pressures of life and work, many young couples have delayed their marriage, or some have been married, and have delayed the time of having children. This is the case of Ms. Wang downstairs. Ms. Wang was 30 years old when she got married. After marriage, due to poor family economic conditions, she discussed with her husband about having no children. As the work stabilized, the living conditions of the two gradually improved, and later they wanted children. However, when two people went to the hospital for a medical examination, they were told: Ms. Wang is already a maternal senior, and the risk coefficient is relatively large. Of course, another situation is often seen in hospitals, that is, some women get married early and are young and are not suitable for having children. In fact, having a baby sooner or later has a great impact on the life of mother.

1. What will happen to women who have children early? Xiaoyun married her husband without her family at the age of 20, and became pregnant the next year. However, until the child was born, Xiaoyun realized that many things were not as simple as they thought. She originally thought that her husband's family would help herself after giving birth, but she didn't expect her parents-in-law's family to have very poor conditions. Her parents were embarrassed to go back and had to swallow the bitter fruit. Later, when I saw that my girlfriend made a lot of money in starting a business, I was moved. However, because I had to take care of my baby, I finally gave up the opportunity. Therefore, there are losses in life. If the child is born too early, it will naturally lose some rare opportunities.

2. What will happen to women who have children late? Women who have children too late will become older women. As far as fertility alone is concerned, whether it is for the health of the child or for their own post-natal recovery, it is very disadvantageous. In addition, if the child is born too late, after the child is born, because he is too old, can he have enough energy and financial resources to raise the child is also a problem. At this time, due to the high age of the parents in the family and the children, the mother has to face double pressure. This is a pressure that women who have to bear children too late must bear. The future life will also be bumpy.

3. Birth will vary from person to person. Some people may have been tangled after reading the above situation: it is not good to have a child too early, and it is not good to be too late. In the end, what should be done? Where can there be so many suitable? Indeed, in real life, many people are unable to have children at the right age due to various reasons, resulting in a "late birth" or "early birth" situation. In fact, there is no absolute good or bad in the world. Sooner or later, the birth of a child should be decided according to the mother's condition. The mother feels ready to have a child.

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