Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If you are these three kinds of pregnant mothers, it will be easier than ordinary people during childbirth.

As people's concept of parenting continues to improve, more and more pregnant mothers will choose to give birth naturally for the health of the fetus, and it must be said that maternal love is really great.

She was pregnant in October and gave birth. During pregnancy, every pregnant mother is particularly worried about the pain she will bear during childbirth. In fact, natural delivery is a very correct choice for both fetuses and pregnant mothers, and not all pregnant mothers will face many difficulties and pains during delivery.

In fact, the difficulties and pain faced by pregnant mothers during childbirth are related to many factors. Because each pregnant mother's physique and pregnancy conditions are different, the difficulties and pains faced during childbirth will vary.

If you are these three kinds of pregnant mothers, it is much easier to give birth than ordinary people, really don’t worry too much.

Pregnant mother who has practiced dance

Pregnant mothers with dance skills will have much better flexibility than normal pregnant mothers, and their physique will be healthier. This is a great advantage for pregnant mothers.

Before the pregnant mother practiced dancing, some movements of pressing the legs, splitting, and lowering the waist can make the muscles and ligaments of the lower body of the pregnant mother more resilient. Even if these dance skills have been abandoned by the pregnant mother, they can still help during delivery Pregnant mothers reduce a lot of difficulties and pain.

Pregnant mother who has had a childbirth experience

If the pregnant mother had given birth to a baby before and was born at birth, the pregnant mother will be significantly more relaxed during the second delivery. First, because the pregnant mother has already experienced it once, she will be very familiar with the delivery process and precautions, and will be able to prepare herself in advance.

Second, because the cervix of the pregnant mother has expanded once, the second uterine contraction will be easier. Not only will the pregnant mother give birth much less pain than others, but she will also spend less time than others. So, if you have given birth to a baby, please give birth to joy this time!

A pregnant mother whose fetus weighs 5-8 kg

The normal weight of the fetus is 5 to 8 pounds. Because the weight of the fetus directly affects the difficulties and pain faced by the pregnant mother during delivery, as long as the weight of the fetus is within the normal range, the lighter the weight, the more conducive to the delivery of the pregnant mother. Due to the relatively high standard of living, most pregnant mothers have larger babies.

Therefore, if your fetus is in the range of 5-8 kg, don't worry about the weight of the fetus, you should secretly be happy, because you will be much easier than other pregnant mothers during delivery.

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