Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If these types of pregnant mothers do not pay attention, it is easy to give birth to "Tang's children", but they are not lucky.

During pregnancy, we have to do a lot of examinations, the three most important of which are: four-dimensional color ultrasonography, Tang screening and sugar screening.

Of these three tests, four-dimensional examination and sugar screening are known to everyone. One is large deformity, and the other is screening pregnant women for diabetes during pregnancy. Do you understand Tang screening?

Tang screening, which is the screening test for Down syndrome, mainly tests the blood of pregnant women to determine the probability of fetus suffering from Down syndrome. If the probability is high, further examination will be performed to confirm, such as amniocentesis or villi. The reason why this test is important is because it involves the fetus suffering from "Down syndrome".

With this disease, 60% of fetuses will have miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. Even if they are fortunately born, they will have obvious congenital stupid characteristics, such as low intelligence, special face, and growth or development disorders or deformities.

Therefore, once the fetus has unfortunately contracted "Down syndrome", it is a tragedy for the child and his family. In particular, if the following types of pregnant mothers do not pay attention, it is easier to give birth to "Tang's child", but you have the luck to harm the baby.

A pregnant mother with a family history of "Down syndrome"

"Tang's disease" is a congenital disease. "Tang's children" have appeared in the family of pregnant mothers, so we must be vigilant. My sister-in-law, a neighbor, gave birth to a "Tang'er" in her first child. However, due to poor medical conditions more than 20 years ago, her family was poor and did not check, so she did not know what caused it.

Therefore, she wanted to have a new baby, so that she would be able to rely on her later. As a result, the second child was born as a "Tang's child". Having suffered two blows in a row, she no longer dared to give birth, and is now worrying about the two children more than half a year. It is said that my sister-in-law's sister also had two children, one of whom was also a "Tang's child".

If someone in the pregnant mother's family, including her husband's family, has Down syndrome, they must be lucky. As a precaution, you can do a chromosomal test before pregnancy, and after pregnancy, you should do a Tang screening test at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant mother who suffered severe radiation during pregnancy

Radiation during pregnancy affects both the pregnant mother and the fetus. The biggest impact is that the fetus may be deformed or have Down syndrome. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers usually stay away from radiation and do not come into contact with medical examinations with radiation.

A pregnant mother reported that she had an X-ray of her abdomen in the first trimester of pregnancy without knowing her pregnancy. At that time, the doctor said that there must be this radiation, but it is still difficult to define whether it will cause fetal malformation, so whether the fetus should let her decide.

Soon afterwards, she was inexplicably miscarried. Although it is not known whether the fetus in the pregnant mother’s womb has Down syndrome, it is certain that severe radiation is really bad for the fetus. Therefore, in order to avoid giving birth to "Tang's child", pregnant mothers should try to stay away from radiation.

Senior pregnant mother over 35 years old

Older pregnant mothers have more adverse symptoms during pregnancy, such as pregnancy hypertension, diabetes, etc., and they can easily produce deformed children and "Tang's children." Therefore, older pregnant mothers over 35 years old should pay more attention.

Studies have shown that the probability that a pregnant mother within 25 years of age has a "Tang's child" is 1/2000, and the probability will also increase significantly with age. The probability of a pregnant mother over the age of 35 is as high as 1/300. Therefore, elderly pregnant mothers must pay attention to Tang screening during pregnancy, and if necessary, do amniocentesis or villi examination to determine whether there is the possibility of giving birth to "Tang's children".

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