Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If the pregnant mother during pregnancy meets these characteristics, congratulations, you may have a high IQ baby

Optimal age for pregnancy

In general, we believe that the best age for females to conceive is between 23 and 29 years old. At this time, the female body is fully developed, all organs of the body are mature and can be conceived, and women of this age are pregnant and have children, recovery is fast, and pregnancy is relatively smooth. The fetus will generally be very healthy, with fewer problems, and the production will be smooth. The fetus will develop well and the intelligence will be the best. The fetus IQ will be very high, so this age is the best age for pregnancy.

Generally, when a woman is over 35 years old, or when a pregnant woman is 34 years old, she is considered to be an older woman. Older women are more likely to have a cesarean section. The body recovers more slowly, and there are many problems during pregnancy. The pregnancy is very hard and the fetus does not develop. A good probability will increase accordingly, which may affect the intelligence of the fetus.

Nutritional balance during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers can't control their mouths after pregnancy, and eat a lot, especially eating some high-sugar, high-fat things. As a result, they become obese, and they also lead to imbalanced nutrition, which affects the development of the fetus. .

But some pregnant mothers are very restrained, the diet during pregnancy is very regular, the nutrition is well balanced, their body is well controlled, and the fetus is also developing very healthy. Such pregnant mothers are easy to give birth to babies with high IQ.

Pregnant mother who emphasizes exercise during pregnancy Pregnant mother who emphasizes exercise during pregnancy

It is not necessary to be immobile during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should also move during pregnancy. They should pay attention to their physical exercise, promote the development of the fetus in the stomach, help the healthy growth of the fetus, and also have a lot of help for production. And pregnant mothers focus on exercise during pregnancy, which is conducive to the development of the fetus, the fetus has a good intelligence development, and the IQ will be higher.

Relax during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers during pregnancy will be grumpy, anxious, and depressed. In fact, these are normal phenomena, but pregnant mothers need to self-regulate, otherwise it will easily affect the development of the fetus and affect the IQ of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers during pregnancy should maintain a good mood, relax, and promote fetal intelligence development.

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