Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I am not fat during pregnancy, my husband is fat, and many of the reasons do not know

A few days ago, when I went to visit my pregnant girlfriends, I was thinking about taking a few more photos of her "pregnancy fat", so I could share it with a few good friends.

As a result, I went to find that my girlfriend was not very fat, but her husband was fat. It is no exaggeration to say that he really changed from the small fresh meat before to the now middle-aged greasy uncle.

I made fun of him: "Abusing pregnant women, letting you eat all the good things at home?" The girlfriend's husband is helpless: "I don't want to destroy my image, I'm 15 pounds fat, and now I really want to cut the meat to her. "

My girlfriend is also very depressed, how to get pregnant and not fat, my husband is fat. In fact, there is a reason for this, but many pregnant mothers do not know.

The pregnant mother has a bad appetite, and the food she cooks is afraid of being wasted.

After pregnancy, because of reactions during pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, greasiness and other reasons, pregnant mothers generally have poor appetite. However, after all, it is a pregnant woman, with a baby in her belly, and her family will definitely change the way to make something delicious, and want the pregnant mother to add more nutrition.

However, the pregnant mother couldn't eat it anymore, and the big table that the family worked hard to prepare could not be wasted, so the pregnant mother let her husband eat it. It’s okay to eat more than two meals. It’s the same throughout pregnancy. It’s strange that her husband is not fat. Therefore, in this case, her husband is also very helpless, and can be regarded as obese.

The man wants to be a dad, happy in his heart, and eats with friends here today and tomorrow

There is also a situation where the husbands of pregnant mothers take the initiative to eat fat. The reason is that a man is going to be a dad, and he must be happy in his heart. He wants to share this joy when he sees someone. So, this group of friends congratulates, that group of colleagues congratulates, and then eats a stall here today and a stall there tomorrow, and soon the face will be round and the beer belly will grow out.

In fact, to tell a joke, the husband's way of gaining weight is the least conscience. Because the woman is pregnant hard, she can’t eat enough at home, and she said that her husband would eat and drink every day.

Therefore, it is recommended that husbands should be more considerate to pregnant mothers, arrange as few meals as possible, and use joy to accompany pregnant mothers and take care of the fetus, otherwise the whole body will be dangling in front of pregnant mothers' eyes, which will affect the harmony of the couple.

Some men also have a "pregnancy reaction", and the daughter-in-law is pregnant and he also has a "pregnancy phase".

Regarding pregnancy, we all know that pregnant mothers will have uncomfortable reactions, but few people have heard that men also have "pregnancy reactions", right? Yes, this is a very strange and interesting reaction. Some men will also "react" after their wives get pregnant, like nausea and vomiting, then touch the belly, and eventually become a "bulging belly" phenomenon.

This phenomenon is difficult to explain medically. Psychologically, it is regarded as an emotional disorder, which may be a "same-psychological phenomenon" formed after men are affected by pregnant women's ears.

Therefore, if it is such an unconscious condition of "pregnancy phase" becoming fat, I hope pregnant mothers can also understand. It may be that the man is too concerned about being a dad, or he is not mentally prepared, which also shows that he cares about you and your baby.

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