Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Humpback is not just a matter of losing temperament, it is also a threat to your health

Speaking of hunchbacks, many people feel depressed: their skin is very fair and their facial features are exquisite, but their image is ruined by hunchbacks; but some people don’t take this for granted, and feel that hunchbacks are at best losing temperament. In fact, humpback not only affects temperament, but also harms health. So why do some people hump? What harm does hunchback bring to health?

Why do some people hump?

A small percentage of kyphosis is caused by disease. According to the Xinhua Daily Telegraph, poor bones, spinal deformities, spinal tuberculosis, tumors, ankylosing inflammation, and osteoporotic fractures can all cause kyphosis. But most hunchbacks are not caused by disease, but caused by bad postures, such as irregular sitting posture, long-term sleeping on soft beds, high pillows, and like to walk with your head down.

What are the hazards of humpback?

First of all, the hunchback affects the appearance. For example, the hunchback person is used to leaning his neck forward when he walks, and looks like "nodding his head and waist." In addition, the hunchback can also threaten your health. According to the "Qianjiang Evening News", when the hunchback is severe, it can affect the functions of internal organs and endocrine.

How to correct hunchback?

Many hunched people have tried the method of standing against the wall. In fact, this method does have a certain effect on correcting the hunchback. At the same time, doing some exercises to stretch the neck and chest, such as chest expansion, can also correct the hunchback. In addition, if you want to correct the hunchback, you need to insist on physical exercise in daily life. For teenagers who are going to school, they should avoid carrying schoolbags that are too heavy and staying in the same sitting posture for a long time. It is worth noting that the correction of the hunchback is not achievable in the short term, and requires long-term unremitting efforts.

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