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How to watch tea

There are many varieties of tea in my country, according to incomplete statistics there are more than 500 species. At present, the classification is generally based on the manufacturing method, combining quality characteristics and appearance differences. There are several categories of green tea, black tea, yellow tea, black tea, white tea, green tea and so on.

green tea

The characteristic of green tea is "green leaf and green soup".

The preparation method goes through three steps: killing, twisting and drying. Longjing tea and Biluochun tea are the most famous. Longjing tea is produced in Shifeng, Wuyun Mountain, Hupao Mountain and Longjing of West Lake in Hangzhou. The quality of the tea is shaped like a bird's tongue, with a green color, a strong fragrance, and a fresh taste. It has four characteristics of "beautiful shape, green color, fragrant flavor, and mellow taste". Biluochun tea is produced in Biluofeng, Dongshan, Dongting, Taihu Lake, Jiangsu. The tea leaves are curled into snails like permed hair, with white and tender hairs all over, and the leaves are as tender as tongue.

black tea

The characteristic of black tea is "red leaf red soup".

The manufacturing method is divided into four processes: withering, twisting, fermentation and drying. The most famous is the "Qihong" produced in Qimen County, Anhui. It's tight and delicate, and the soup is red and bright. The aroma is fruity and floral. The drink is mellow in the mouth, refreshing and long-lasting, thick aftertaste, and fragrant in taste. The British love Qi Hong most, calling it "the most fragrant."

Yellow tea

The characteristic of yellow tea is "yellow leaf yellow soup".

The manufacturing method is more tedious than the green tea manufacturing method. The treasure is "Junshan Silver Needle", produced in a small island called Junshan in Dongting Lake. The buds of tea are vigorous, the buds are golden, firm and straight, and the hairs are densely covered, with uniform length and size, known as "gold inlaid jade". After brewing, the aroma is fresh, the soup is light yellow, the taste is sweet, and the leaf bottom is transparent.

Black tea

The characteristics of black tea are "leaf color oil black or brownish green, soup color orange yellow or brownish red".

The main method is to change the color of the tea leaves, that is, after the tea leaves are twisted, the tea leaves will change to oily black for more than 20 hours.

The leaders in black tea are Pu'er tea and Liubao tea. Pu'er tea is produced in southern Yunnan province. Tea is mild and has medicinal effects. It can sober up, eliminate food and reduce phlegm. Song poet Wang Yu once wrote a poem that praised the scent and shape of Pu'er tea. The poem said: "Fragrant in the fragrance of Jiuwan, round like the moon in the autumn of three autumns. Love it and don't appreciate it, except to support Baitou." In Cangwu County, Guangxi. Mainly sold to Hong Kong and Macao and Nanyang area. The quality of tea is: dark brown and shiny color, soup color red and bright amber, mellow taste, with betel nut flavor and smoke flavor.

White tea

The characteristic of white tea is "soup-colored apricot yellow".

The manufacturing method is divided into two procedures: withering and drying. The traditional white tea has no kneading and twisting, has a natural shape, does not shed its fluff, and is full of white hair. The "Baihao Silver Needle" produced in northern Fujian can be called the leader. It is shaped like a sharp needle and colored like silver, with buds that are fat, thick, and shiny. Tea aroma is fresh and mellow. It has the effect of strengthening the stomach and refreshing, reducing the fever and reducing the fire.

Green tea

Also known as oolong tea. The characteristic is "golden soup color".

The manufacturing process goes through five steps: withering, greening, roasting, twisting and drying.

Wuyi Rock Tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain area of ​​Fujian is the top grade of oolong tea. It is fat and even in shape, tightly curled, green in color with precious light, and its inner quality is rich and timeless, and it is better than the fragrance of the orchid. Tea glycol is refreshing, fresh and smooth, and has a special "rock rhyme".

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