Friday, June 26, 2020

How to try Pu'er tea?

1. Re-foaming method

Trying tea is also a trial. In physical stores, try before buying. In online stores, after you buy a product, you will usually randomly give you several different types of tea as a trial drink. Pu'er tea is also a food after all, so Whether you like it or not, whether you like it or not is the most important thing.

The re-foaming method is generally used for tea testing. There are three reasons: simple, direct, and easy to use. The purpose of the re-foaming method is to allow the contents of the tea to be dissolved out as soon as possible, to fully show the advantages and disadvantages of the tea, and there is no reason for it. The tea artist's control of the water temperature and the soup changes its original taste.

Heavy (zhong) brewing method: the amount of tea to be poured is 8 grams according to the conventional method, and a 150ML bowl is used for brewing. The key point is to ensure the amount of tea to be poured and the water quality is consistent. The stopwatch time is 60 seconds, and each bubble is so. The re-foaming method is widely used in tea selection and tea testing. You can get a general understanding of the raw materials of the tea, the process, and the storage situation.

The re-foaming method is generally not suitable for drinking tea everyday. It is too strong for the human body to tolerate. In addition, it is not advisable to test tea every day. Try a few models a day, and basically control about three teas, so as not to burden the body.

2. Comparison method

The comparison method is based on the re-foaming method. Two different teas of the same year in different mountains have the same price. If you want to buy both, then use the comparison method to choose one.

The comparison method mainly focuses on the shape of the tea cake, the aroma of the tea cake, the aroma of the tea soup, the aroma of the hanging cup, the degree of bitterness, the rate of fading, the speed of returning to Gan, the duration of returning to Gan, as well as the foam resistance and the integrity of the leaf bottom. In contrast, I believe that the results will be obtained soon.

Finally, if you know people like tea, don’t understand, don’t pretend to understand. When you are still ignorant, you can drink some regular enlightenment tea, communicate with tea friends, ask questions from each other, slowly from shallow to deep, I believe you will love Drink tea.

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