Monday, June 22, 2020

How to treat children's language development

The acquisition of language abilities starts right after birth, and the newborn expresses discomfort with crying;

2 months old baby can gaze at the human face and happily utter a voice;

The 3-month-old baby will laugh and scream and hear the mother’s voice without crying or making noise;

Infants from 5 to 6 months have a good positioning of sounds, and the pronunciation phenomenon increases. They can learn babble and imitate the sounds;

Babies from 7 to 9 months like to play "hide and seek" games. They can understand simple instructions, and use gestures to express "goodbye, welcome, bird flying", etc. They often make continuous sounds such as "ba-ba-ba" and "ma —Ma-ma” “da—da—da” etc.;

Babies around 1 year old can be consciously called "father" or "mother", and their vocabulary increases, from the title to daily necessities, animals, transportation, etc.;

In the age of about 2 years old, there is a telegram language for children, that is, to use two words side by side to express their wishes, such as "mother wants", "mother car", etc.;

3-year-old children can understand and use a variety of basic sentence patterns, understand some adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs, and can distinguish colors;

Children aged 4-6 begin to acquire written language.

If the above language acquisition lags behind the corresponding age by more than half a year, you should suspect whether there is abnormal language development.

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