Friday, June 26, 2020

How to tell if tea is flavored?

There are some teas on the market, which smell very fragrant, but they do not smell like tea. It is inevitable that people wonder whether the flavor is added to the tea, how to identify whether the flavor is added to the tea?

What is flavor tea?

The price of flavored tea is generally lower, which is generally caused by some old tea or residual tea, which is added with flavors and pigments for renovation, or the tea of ​​poor quality is flavored with flavor.

How to tell if tea is added with essence?

Smell dry

Because of the special processing technology of tea, the aroma of dry tea is not high. If you hold a handful of dry tea and smell it under your nose, the aroma is quiet and natural, then it is generally not added; on the contrary, if the aroma of dry tea is strong and pungent And, if the fragrance does not disperse in the nose for a long time, then the possibility of adding fragrance is very high.

Rubbing tea leaves by hand

You can rub the tea leaves by hand. If some powder or color will be attached to the palm, some additives are added.

Low temperature brewing and smelling

After brewing with 80 degree water, the tea soup is cloudy, or the aroma is very high, then it is possible to add flavor. Because most dry tea is brewed with water above 95 degrees, the aroma and taste will come out, and most flavors have quickly dissolved at 80 degrees water temperature.

Observe the durability of tea

After brewing, if the aroma of each tea drops quickly, and the lack of change in tea aroma, even when the third brew is brewed, the aroma of the tea leaves will be lost, and the flavor may be added.

Observe tea stains overnight

After drinking the tea, do not need to wash the cup. After overnight, you will find a thick layer of tea stains in the cup the next morning. If the color of the tea stain is light yellow, dark yellow, orange, etc., it can be It means that the tea does not contain any additives. On the contrary, if the tea stains show light green, dark green, dark green and other colors, it means that the tea may contain additives.

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