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How to soak in West Lake Longjing? Precautions for brewing West Lake Longjing

How to brew West Lake Longjing tea, in fact, there is no standard, many people will make tea, but to really brew the quality of West Lake Longjing tea is not so simple, then how to brew West Lake Longjing is delicious? Brewing West Lake Longjing What are the precautions?

How to soak in West Lake Longjing?

1. Use a freshly boiled warm water cup, use a teaspoon to take an appropriate amount of tea leaves (generally put 5-7g at a time, depending on personal taste) into the glass.

2. When the boiling water is cool to about 85 degrees, raise the kettle and pour in the appropriate amount of water. It is better to cover all the tea leaves.

3. Warm tea buds: Use the "swing water method" to inject a little water into the cup, preferably 1/4 cup. The purpose of the moisturizing is to infiltrate the tea buds to make the dry tea absorb water and stretch, laying a good foundation for the brewing to be carried out. Shake the incense for about 30 seconds, hold the glass in your hand, and gently shake the glass in one direction to make the tea moist and evenly heated.

4. Use the boiling water to warm the cup, pour out the water, and then put the tea leaves, and then use the hanging pot high punch method to pour the boiling water until it is nine minutes full. The warm tea buds have exuded a scent of fragrance. At this time, lift the kettle to let the water pour down, and then use the strength of the wrist to pull up and down to fill the water. Repeat three times to make the tea leaf flip in the water.

5. Tasting: When you drink half of the tea in the cup, you can continue to drink water. The brewing time should increase with the number of brewing times.

Precautions for brewing West Lake Longjing

1. Selection of water quality

Water quality can directly affect the quality of tea soup. The ancients Zeng Yun "Tea is made from water, eighths of tea, when meeting tenths of water, the tea is also very good; eighths of water, encountering tenths of tea, only eighths of tea." The quality of water is very important to the taste of tea soup, and the fragrance is still second. With slightly worse water, even if brewing oolong tea, I feel unbearable.

2. The water temperature of making tea

The ancients were very particular about the temperature of brewed tea, especially during the period of the West Lake Longjing tea cake tea, controlling the water temperature seemed to be the key to brewing tea. To sum up, the boiling water should be boiled in a big fire, it is better to boil and bubbly. Water, water and tenderness are taboos. Water temperature affects the taste and aroma of tea soup by its effect on the solubility of tea ingredients.

West Lake Longjing brewing water temperature: 85-95 ℃ boiling water (open the water if it is not available, it is best to cool the soup before brewing, that is, put it in the storage kettle for a while and then brew)

3. The dosage of tea

There is no unified standard for the amount of tea, which depends on the size of the tea set, the type of tea and everyone's preferences. Generally speaking, when brewing West Lake Longjing tea, the ratio of tea to water is roughly 1:50~60. Strict tea evaluation, West Lake Longjing tea is brewed with 150ml of water to brew 3g tea. The amount of tea mainly affects the intensity of the taste, which is entirely determined by everyone's habits. Beginners can try different dosages to find their favorite tea soup concentration.

4. Selection of tea set

Brewing with a glass can observe that tea slowly stretches, swims, and changes in water. After brewing, the bud tip rushes to the water surface, hangs upright, and then sinks slowly, unearthed like bamboo shoots. The fine Junshan Silver Needle, which can rise and fall three times, is extremely wonderful. Therefore, in general tea houses, glass cups are often used to brew West Lake Dragon Tea.

The ancients used bowls. Compared to glass, the heat preservation of the bowl is better. In general, brewing green tea with a tighter string, such as West Lake Longjing tea. Good white porcelain can fully set off the tender green and bright of the tea soup, and the bowl is more elegant, the touch is unmatched by the glass.

West Lake Longjing tea is a kind of famous green tea. The tea leaves are fresh and tender. If you want to make a delicious drink, you need to master certain brewing skills. Through the introduction of this article, I hope to help everyone make a better brewing of West Lake Longjing tea and a healthier drink.

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