Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to remove tea stains on the inner wall of the clay teapot?

"The one who pays more attention to the sand and the essence of the pot than Yang Xian (Yixing)". As the best utensil for making tea, the clay teapot has become public opinion, and the teapot also needs the companionship of tea to make it more elegant and elegant.

We know that the purple tea pot will make tea more fragrant the longer it is used. This is because the purple sand has good air permeability and the tea is not easy to change its flavor. But some people like to use tea for a long time in the pot, which is called raising the pot. This kind of tea made by the pot is more sweet, because the tea dirt is accumulated on the wall of the pot.

▲Persimmon pot

Before using the newly purchased jug, you can put some tea leaves in hot water and soak it for a few times. It is better to soak it in several times. Then wash it in and out to completely remove the residual sand in the jug. (Using the method mentioned above can remove some of the resulting odor).

Why can't tea stains stay?

One person said that the tea scale on the clay teapot can keep the pot, no need to clean. One of the important reasons why the clay teapot is suitable for making tea is that its special molecular structure (fine pores) results in good air permeability. The clay teapot has been used for a long time. After the pores are filled with tea dirt, it will inevitably adhere to the inner wall of the tea set, causing hygiene problems.

The accumulation of tea scale also affects the permeability of the clay teapot. Therefore, from this perspective, the teapot should also be cleaned regularly. The thicker the tea stains, the more difficult to clean, so daily cleaning is equally important as regular cleaning.

▲Rongtian pot

2According to modern scientific research, tea scale is caused by the oxidation reaction between tea polyphenols in tea leaves and metal substances in tea rust, including cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals and Substances such as nitrite which are harmful to the body will adhere to the inside and outside of the clay teapot. Therefore, it is not allowed to accumulate the tea stains of the clay teapot for a long time for the sake of the tea. You must clean the teapot after drinking the tea.

Method for cleaning tea scale of teapot:

Take a spoonful of edible soda ash (baking soda) into the pot, pour it into 100-degree boiling water, the water should be full, then cover the pot, wait for about ten minutes, gently brush the pot with a soft brush, you can Seeing the tea scale turned into yellow water flowing out. The cleaned bladder is as bright as new. This method should pay attention not to clean the outside of the pot, but only the inside.

▲Admiralty pot

Don’t be too anxious, and don’t use materials such as polishing cloth with fine emery particles. This can easily damage the surface and leave scratches, thus destroying the purple sand texture. A better way is to wipe with a hard cotton cloth, and use a nylon brush when cleaning. Don't use too much force to avoid accidentally piercing the teapot.

Usually drink tea, you can wipe it with a clean towel, do not leave the tea soup on the pot surface, otherwise the pot surface will be filled with tea dirt over time, and there will be a floating light after wiping. This kind of appearance players are taboo.

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