Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How to prevent the recurrence of schizophrenia

1. Adhering to maintenance medication is the most effective relapse prevention measure: a large number of clinical statistics show that most of the relapses of schizophrenia are related to self-reduction and withdrawal. The recurrence rate of patients who insisted on taking medication was 20%. The relapse rate of those who did not adhere to the maintenance dose was as high as 80%. Therefore, patients and their families should attach great importance to maintenance treatment.

2. Promptly detect the recurrence signs and deal with them in time: the recurrence of schizophrenia has signs, as long as the timely detection and timely adjustment of drugs and dosage can generally prevent relapses, common recurrence signs are: the patient has no reason to sleep well , Laziness, unwillingness to get up, daze and daze, emotional instability, irritability, irritability, crankiness, ridiculous speech, or the emergence of sick ideas. At this time, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and adjust the timely treatment when the treatment fluctuates to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

3. Persist in regular outpatient reexaminations: You must insist on regular outpatient reexaminations, so that doctors can continuously and dynamically understand the condition of the disease, so that patients are often under the medical supervision of psychiatrists, and timely adjust the dosage according to the changes in the condition. Through re-examination, Duanzheng can also get timely consultation and psychological treatment to relieve the patient's confusion in life, work and drug treatment, which also plays an important role in preventing the recurrence of schizophrenia.

4. Reducing predisposing factors: Family members and people around should fully recognize the weakness of schizophrenic patients' mental state after illness and help arrange daily life, work and study. Talk to the patient frequently, help the patient to treat the disease correctly, treat the real life correctly, help the patient to improve the psychological endurance, learn to deal with stress events, encourage the patient to increase confidence, guide the patient to live a full life, so that the patient is free from psychological pressure and mental distress Living in an environment.

5. To carry out community psychiatric prevention and treatment work, to detect patients early, treat them early, and prevent relapses, it is necessary to establish a mental illness prevention institution in the society, and to popularize the knowledge of mental illness prevention in primary health care organizations. Since the establishment of community psychiatric prevention institutions, the recurrence rate of schizophrenia has been reduced significantly.

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