Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How to prevent deafness in the prenatal period and give birth to a cute and healthy baby

Fetal deafness refers to the mother's congenital deafness caused by various adverse factors during pregnancy. How to prevent the occurrence of deafness during fetal period, as little as possible or not, many scholars from different angles This has been studied. As a rehabilitation worker for deaf children, not only the rehabilitation of deafness, but more importantly, the prevention of deafness, especially the prevention of deafness during the fetal period is very important. It is required to vigorously promote the knowledge of health care during pregnancy to the society and families, to enable pregnant mothers to safely pass through pregnancy, and to ensure the quality of our fetus, which has far-reaching significance for improving the quality of the Chinese population. How to prevent deafness during maternal pregnancy?

1. The mother's resistance during pregnancy is lower than others, so you should avoid going to places where there are too many people to avoid being infected with infectious diseases such as influenza, mumps, encephalitis and rubella.

2. Strengthen your physique during pregnancy, pay attention to dietary nutrients and appropriate activities to reduce the occurrence of diseases.

3. Maintain a good mood and a happy mental state, which is conducive to the secretion of various healthy hormones in the body and reduce fetal development abnormalities.

4. Avoid exposure to X-rays during maternal pregnancy to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

5. Avoid all kinds of drugs during maternal pregnancy, use as few drugs as possible, and also include various supplements. If you must use drugs, you should use them under the guidance of a doctor. If you don’t know about early pregnancy and have taken certain medicines, you should also go to the hospital and tell the doctor in time.

6. For those with suspected family history of deafness, both parties should go to the hospital for genealogical analysis, chromosome and genetic testing to achieve eugenics and postnatal care, reduce the incidence of deafness, and reduce the burden on society and the family.

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