Friday, June 26, 2020

How to make queer tea

Que tongue tea is a famous green tea, which not only tastes good, but also has good health care functions. Taste the tongue, fresh and sweet, smooth and moisturizing, full of mouth, after swallowing, the cheeks are fragrant and the aftertaste is long. However, you must pay attention to the method when brewing and drinking, so that you can brew a cup of delicious tea soup. So, how to make que tongue tea? Let's take a look at the brewing method of quesadilla tea.

Qin Tongcha brewing method

1. Water and tea set

When making tea, you usually choose pure water, so the quality of the tea will be better. There is also the choice of tea set, it is recommended to use porcelain utensils, if it is glass utensils, the taste is inferior.

2. Hot Cup

Before making tea, you should clean the tea set again, and then add water to it. After about thirty seconds, let the cup heat up, so that the brewed tea will be better quality, commonly known as hot cup.

3. Tea ratio

When pouring water, we must pay attention to grasp the proportion, too little water is strong tea, too much tea is thin, we must grasp the good degree. If the cup is about 200ml, 4g of tea should be added. Then stamp and shake lightly.

4. Viewing

After soaking for a period of time, it is estimated that the tea can be divided into different cups and the color of the tea can be observed. At this time, the tea will turn yellow due to oxidation, which is normal. The tea is already brewed at this time.

5. Special attention should be paid to water temperature and brewing time:

(1) Water temperature

If the temperature is too high or too low, it will have a great influence on the taste of the tea brewed. It is recommended that the water temperature be at 85 degrees.

(2) Time

The length of time also has a certain relationship with the water temperature. For the first brewing, the time can be shorter. If the water temperature is sufficient, it can be soaked for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, it can be appropriately extended for a long time. Generally, it is almost three times.

You can soak your tongue through the above steps. In addition, it is also important to note that tea leaves should be preserved before drinking the tongue, to avoid deterioration of the tea leaves due to improper storage. The preservation method of Quepa Tea is as follows:

1. Tea storage method

In this ancient method, there was Ming Men Feng Mengzhen <Quick Xue Tang Manlu> Cloud: "The real tea big urn, with the bottom at the bottom, sealed upside down, will not be yellow in the summer, and its gas will not leak out." More than 6%. Quick lime can be used for dehumidification. The specific operation method is the same as lime block preservation method.

2. Tank storage method

The container is made of metal tins, boxes, cans, boxes filled with pastries or other foods, or iron or aluminum or paper or paper products, or square or round or flat or irregular. It is important that the tea is dried and the bag is sealed. This method is simple and convenient.

3. Tea storage method in plastic bags

Choose food packaging bags with high density, high pressure, thickness, good strength, and no odor. Tea can be wrapped with soft net paper in advance, and then placed in food bags, sealed.

4. Thermos tea storage method

Use a thermos with poor thermal insulation and discard it, fill it with dry tongue, cover the stopper, and seal it with wax.

5. Refrigerator preservation method

Put the tongue in a food packaging bag with high density, high pressure, thick, good strength and no odor, and then put it in the freezer or freezer of the refrigerator. This method has a long storage time and good effect, but the bag mouth must be sealed and sealed tightly. Otherwise, it will regain moisture or skewer, which will damage the quality of the tongue tea.

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