Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How to make the baby sleep well and not wake up early?

Almost all parents have complained that it is not the alarm clock or the dream that wakes up every day, but the baby who wakes up early. It didn't take long for my eyes to close, and I woke up. It can be said that my body and mind were exhausted. Lazy feeling seemed to become a luxury.

In fact, babies generally wake up in the morning much earlier than adults. Parents are obviously not realistic if they want their babies to sleep until 9-10 o'clock.

If the baby's sleep time at night has reached 10-12 hours, then it is normal to wake up around 7 am.

But if the baby sleeps for a short time at night and wakes up before 6 o'clock in the morning, then parents should pay attention.

There are two reasons why a baby wakes up early: one is the environment, the room is too bright in the morning, or the surrounding environment is too noisy, which will cause the baby to wake up early;

The second is the sleep time of the baby. If the baby sleeps short during the day, sleeps late at night, frequently wakes up at night, and lacks the ability to fall asleep autonomously, resulting in the baby not sleeping enough, the hormone levels of cortisol in the body will increase, making the baby become Excited, this time will wake up early.

In addition, there are reasons such as flatulence, bowel movements, teething, and the development of large movements that may cause the baby to wake up early.

How to make the baby sleep well and not wake up early?

Method 1. Eliminate environmental impact

A hormone called melatonin is secreted in the body, which makes people sleepy and wants to sleep, but light will affect the normal secretion of melatonin.

That is to say, if the baby is exposed to light after dawn, the level of melatonin in his body will drop, causing early wake up.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to keep the baby in the dark state of the room during the rest period, so that the melatonin in the body can maintain a high level, and naturally sleep late.

Method 2. Cancel morning habit as soon as possible

Many babies have the habit of morning milk. When they wake up in the morning, they refuse to sleep and need parents to breastfeed.

Younger babies wake up feeling hungry and may fall asleep again after feeding.

But in fact, the average baby needs about 12 hours of sleep during 9 months, and during this period, there is no need to eat.

If you have been "favoring" your baby, every time you wake up early, you will feed your baby. Over time, morning milk may be regarded as a habit. When you wake up every morning, you will remind your parents to breastfeed on time.

Method 3. Give your baby a try to "wake to sleep"

For babies who wake up less at night, parents can try to help the baby extend the overall sleep duration by "waking to sleep", thereby delaying the time to wake up in the morning.

The principle is very simple, that is to let the baby wake up in advance, and then continue to sleep later, the baby's sleep time will be extended, so it is reasonable to spend the time of the original wake up.

Parents can wake up for two consecutive days and stop on the third day to see if the baby can wake up officially.

Of course, parents should pay attention to their rest time in the process of dealing with the problem of the baby waking up early. If you sleep too late at night and wake up by your baby in the morning, then you, who are tired, may not be able to calmly deal with your baby's early wake-up habits.

If you want your baby to sleep longer, parents should first understand when the baby is awake early. Some babies will wake up once at about 5 o'clock, but after eating properly or doing activities for a while, they will fall asleep again. This situation is not considered to be early wake up. If the baby has no signs of going to sleep after waking up at 5 o'clock, it can be judged as waking up early. If you want your baby to sleep more, treasure moms can try these three tricks.

1. Improve baby's comfort when sleeping

Early awakening of the baby may be caused by uncomfortable sleep. In order to improve the comfort of the baby when sleeping, parents should keep a quiet indoor and dim light, it is best to prepare a special set of pajamas for the baby. The baby-only pajamas are soft and comfortable, and have good thermal insulation performance. Mom and dad do not have to worry about the baby getting cold because of kicking the quilt. The baby can naturally sleep longer in such a comfortable environment.

2. Feed in time when hungry

Some babies may wake up early because of hunger. In most cases, the parents can feed the baby in time, and the baby can continue to sleep without affecting the quality of sleep in the morning. However, if the parents do not feed the baby in time, the baby will wake up hungry and it will be difficult to fall asleep again. It is recommended that parents feed their babies in time when they need food. This will prevent them from waking up completely and affect their physical development.

3. Appropriately increase daytime activities

Another reason why the babies wake up early is that they are not tired enough. The lives of the babies are very easy. Basically, there is no need to do anything that consumes physical strength. This is easy to cause the baby to be full of energy and does not need more rest time. Recovery caused early wake up. In view of this situation, it is recommended that parents appropriately increase the baby's activity during the day, and extend the time spent playing games or going out can consume more physical and mental energy of the baby. The baby will fall asleep when tired, and the situation of early wake-up will naturally be improved. .

Waking up too early not only is not conducive to physical development, but also makes the baby's perception of day and night replacement weaker and weaker, leading to confusion in work and rest. Does your family have a baby who goes to bed early and gets up early? In order for him to develop better, let him sleep as much as possible!

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