Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to maintain solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is a decorative material made of natural wood after drying and processing. The natural wood texture and color patterns it presents give people a natural, soft, and intimate texture. At the same time, due to its warm winter and cool summer, and good touch characteristics, it is an ideal material for floor decoration in bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms.

[1] The solid wood floor should be waterproof

Solid wood floors are most afraid of water. It is necessary to prevent rain and water from floating outside the window in summer. It is necessary to prevent running water from heating in the house in winter. If you accidentally leak water, even a small amount of tea should be cleaned with a soft rag in a timely manner and kept dry, so as not to promote gloss, and even cause warpage, cracking, and moldy. If the backwater of the indoor cement floor is wet (this is the most prone situation in the ground floor room) and causes problems such as mildew, deterioration, warpage, paint peeling, and color variation, you must first solve the problem of backwater and humidity before renovating Replace the floor.

[2] The solid wood floor should be fireproof

Unextinguished cigarette butts and matchsticks cannot be thrown on the ground at will. Electric stoves, rice cookers, electric irons, electric irons, etc., can not be placed on them before they are placed on the flameproof and anti-scalding pads, otherwise, Easy to burn the wooden floor. Do not wipe off dust and dirt on the surface with gasoline to prevent static electricity from friction and fire.

[3] The solid wood floor should prevent damage

Solid wood floors are also susceptible to damage. Even the finest ash can easily wear off the roughness and color of its surface for a long time, leaving traces. If there is already gravel, wipe it with a semi-wet soft rag in time. It is best to put on the average prize slipper before entering the room without bringing in the gravel. Do not wear nails with iron soles on the soles or even hard-soled leather shoes are moving around, so that the surface is operated. Rough, heavy and hard objects must not be dragged on the wooden floor. When placing it, it should also be lined with protective cushions, and pay attention to it; do not place objects with corners on the bottom surface directly, even on wooden floors to prevent operation. If there is operation, it should be repaired at any time. When repairing, no matter it is nailing arrangement, specification form, or paint tone, we should strive to restore it to its original shape, and avoid inconsistency and inconsistency with the overall wooden floor, affecting its overall aesthetics.

[4] Solid wood floors should be protected from dirt

Solid wood floors are also afraid of dirt. If it is the general dirt left by water-soluble substances, you can wipe off the floating dust first, and then use a soft soft cloth dipped in strong tea water, panning water or orange peel water soaked in orange peel. This can not only remove dirt, but also restore the turbulence of the paint film. If it is difficult to remove dirt such as sputum, chewing gum, oil paint, etc., do not rush to wipe with gasoline. The reasons are as described above. Must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt before deciding to adopt different methods and different cleaning agents to clean up. Cleaners that do not clarify their chemical properties should not be used at will to avoid damage to the floor due to chemical reaction with the paint. Do not use it easily. Do not use hard tools or knives that easily damage the paint film to scrape. Experts and masters should be consulted to decide the treatment plan.

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