Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to maintain the car in winter

The winter weather is cold, and the friends of the car family who improperly maintain the car will inevitably have a certain impact on the car. Here are a few common sense for car maintenance and escort:

1. Cleaning of air conditioner

You can insert the thin tube of air-conditioning cleaning agent into the air-conditioning air duct and spray the appropriate amount of air-conditioning cleaning agent. After completion, close the air-conditioning outlet, open the air-conditioning cycle, start the engine, and run at a slow speed for about 10 minutes;

Second, proper ventilation

Due to the long-term closure in winter, harmful gases are easily formed in the car, which will cause some non-metallic materials to mold, so pay attention to the interior ventilation. Try to avoid the use of car perfume, car perfume is mostly chemical products, long-term use will cause dizziness, fatigue and other discomfort, it is best to use natural deodorant, such as pineapple, tea, jasmine and so on.

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